Monday, June 6, 2016

Memoir from Marci

Highlights from last week:

Driving Pam Schow to Vivian Park! Very green, cool, and beautiful.
 Me reading a book and sleeping while Pam roamed around the park.

Got lots of projects done around the house!
Tried to jog on the treadmill at the gym. Felt great but my knee paid for it the next day.
Stayed on task with the weight machines. My right shoulder felt just a little sore Friday.
Keeping food journal on my Ipad notes. Had a yummy donut on National Donut Day.

Email to Sister C.
Dear Jess,

Stake conference was wonderful and I can't believe the weekend is almost over.

Jenny is getting ready to go to the Provo High Seminary graduation over at the stake center. She has been asked to take a few minutes to talk about and promote the singles ward. She looks so cute in her new dress.

Tonight I went on line and reviewed all the ingredients for Cafe Rio salad. (I had bought everything Saturday) Anyway, I made the yummy Tomatillo
Ranch dressing, Pico, Lime Rice, Guacamole with a little pico mixed in and of course the yummy Sweet Pork. Opened a can of black beans and mild sauce, can't forget the lettuce and BAM was it ever good!😄 We have enough left over for tomorrow, yay!

Back to Stake Conference. We had a General Authority from Price Utah speak. He joined the church when he was fifteen with his parents. They were country club golf players. Some LDS families from Price loved his family into the gospel by including them in activities and home dinners.  He of course encouraged all of us to friendship our neighbors including the Provo Utah Mission President who just had surgery on his neck three days ago. I can't believe he still came to church. My favorite talk was the Mission President's wife's talk. She said she grew up in Southern California and when she was a girl a Mormon family moved into their neighborhood. She had never heard of Mormons and the new girl started to invite her to primary activities. They became best friends and she went to several church activities. When she was eighteen she received the missionary discussion but for some reason it didn't click for her. When she found out her friend was going to Dixie Jr. College in St. George she decided to follow. She didn't realize it was 97% Mormon students and that's where she gained a strong testimony. She called her parents at the end of her freshman year and told them she was going to get baptized. They talked her into moving back home for the summer to investigate other religions first and then they would give her their blessing. Her parents ended up finding anti Mormon literature and moved to Midland Texas where they enrolled her in a Jr. College near their new home. The Mission President's wife said she was very unhappy and her parents let her move back to Dixie College where she finally got baptized. It was a great talk.

Julz and I sitting in the choir seats at stake conference.
She looks about twelve in this photo that Jen took with her cell phone.
The meeting is filmed so the other stake members can watch in the Marrott Meadows building.
If I had known that we were in the camera the entire meeting I would have sat some where else.

Love, mom