Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Memoir from Marci

Had the best work out at the gym today! I took it much slower on the treadmill and was able to slowly jog for around 23 minutes!! First time in a looooong time. My knees felt fine. I did take three slower speed segments and just walked fast but I felt good enough to get my heart rate up which is the only thing I need to get the weight off and get my cholesterol down. I don't know why I like the treadmill so much, watching the news with my earphones helps the time pass away I guess. I just know I felt really good which is a good sign for me.
 Krissy helped me on the lower body and leg weight machines. Now I think I'll just be accountable to her once a week with an update on my progress and I'm good to go. I found out also it doesn't cost to have a trainer help me on the weight machines since I have a gym membership pass. Thanks GW.