Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sister San Diego

Now my "almost" doom:
After this jam packed spirit filled day (and we had lessons like that
ALLLLL DAAAAY) I pull up and parked at the very tail end of this long
line of cars. Because of being the in the very last parking spot, the
only thing behind us? An intersection. Again, last person of the
night... We double check addresses, pray, I look in my drivers side
door mirror, nothing's there, swing open the door, HESITATE because I
was going to tell Sister 'E something, BAM.
My door is gone.
An old Vietnamese woman came around the far corner not having seen my
door and smashed it. It stayed connected to the car. Barley.

The rest of the evening? I was up in the clouds. Sister 'Eukaliti did
a lot better job at getting things done (having been a former cop ha)
than I did. One of the AP's came and helped as well. No one was hurt
besides the cars. I still have permission to drive since it wasn't my
fault ;)

All is well.
I'm ok. Angles are real. I don't remember what I was about to tell
Sister E. It all happened so fast. As She was re-telling the story to
someone (don't remember who... Still in the clouds at that time) she
kind of had a panic attack herself as she realized what might have
happened if I would have stepped out of the car. The rest of the night
she didn't leave my side.
Ah sister 'Eukaliti who is now in Tonga.
I miss her.
She's going to kill it as a missionary in Tonga for the next 4 days.
Her mom who had cancer before her mission has no trace of anything
cancerous and her Dad who left when she was age 9 has returned and
become temple worthy.
This church is true my friends. It really is.
I love my mission. A little too much at times ;)
Love it to DEATH
juuust kidding HAHAHA!
Go find the one! Bring them home.
-Sister Carlson
P.S. Elder Dube's visit was incredible!
"NEVER share a closed Book of Mormon!"
Share with your friends the things you love in the Book of Mormon. He
promised us that if we do, they will feel the same way we do about the
scriptures. Again, they are there to make us happy.