Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sister San Diego

We were having a service project that morning at one of our
investigators homes: L L. Now. Sister Wilson. Sister
Passé-Carlus. I can hear the sound of you judging. Judge not! She has
been reading the Book of Mormon and has come to church ;) if this cute
old woman does in fact just string us along.. I'll let you know.
At a previous lesson, we taught Lillian the Plan of Salvation. Now
from her teaching record, we could see that she has been taught this
before, but as we taught her with one of our members, she cried
telling us the story of one of her grandson's passing away and what
the Plan meant to her. Yesterday morning, I had each of the Elders go
around and bear their testimonies of the Book of Mormon to her. I sat
there BAWLING, as each one of these young men with much power and
authority, poured out their souls to this 92 year old woman. She
herself kept a straight face, that was until it was Elder Cross' turn.
As this 25 year old Deaf Elder stood and signed his testimony of the
Book of Mormon, I could see L's heart soften and as the elders
went back to work, she expressed much fondness and compassion TO THE
POINT OF TEARS for them and that Book she had in her lap. The Book of
Mormon is true. It can make you happier. Read it and weep.
I just realized something. I don't think I've ever cried as much as I
have in my entire life than this past week. Ha. My heart must be too
full of emotions or something...
-Sister Stew
Ya. Lexi is gone too. I think I might be having people withdrawals. Is
that a thing? Should be. Wilson, Pilkington, Stakkeland, Seo,
Weidmann, Clark, Kaiser etc etc etc. all gone. If sister Whitcomb
hadn't become my Sister Training Leader, I might have actually gone
All is well ;) part of mission life! Giving away your heart. To a
BUNCH of different people. Can be a heavy burden. Worth it!
For example:
Once upon a time I was on an exchange with Sister 'Eukaliti here in La
Jolla. (Sound familiar? And Yes. I do realize I haven't told you about
my car crash yet. Hooloohoooo!)
As we walked around Pacific Beach, I had this idea to walk to one of
our potential's houses! Now... What I didn't realize was.. It was far
away. Ha! We quickened our pace as we didn't want to have walked so
far for nothing... As we walked, a woman in her car pulled up to us
and started with:
"Sisters!" -She looked at my name tag- "Sister Carlson, I was at
church on Sunday when you bore your testimony! I want the two of you
to come to my home!"
She gave us her address then pulled away. I leaned over to Sister 'E
"... This address.. That's where we were headed!"
After another minute or two of walking, the same woman pulled up again!
"I realized I probably could have just given you a ride! Hope in! My
name is April!"
We got into her car and she thanked me for what I shared on fast
Sunday (what it was.. I don't remember... Spirit)
As we walked into her home, she briefly introduced us to her daughter
and said daughter's friends (one of them being the Bishop's son heh)
then she sat us down her her beautiful living room and stated:
"Now, I'm not a member, and neither is the rest of my family. But!
I've been coming to church and after hearing your testimony, I want to
learn more. I can see my entire family joining this church one day."
What commenced was probably the sweetest Restoration Lesson of my
entire mission with one of my dearest friends and companions, Sister
'Eukaliti. Tears were shed, testimonies were shared (and not just
ours, April testified about the divinity of being a mother) and it was
as if heaven were there in the room with us. Again with the crying...
I know. I just could hold back as I watched this all happen.
Well the church is true.