Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sister San Diego

You know when God is good so he draws out the entire YSA population
with a Pokemon game? HA!
Hope you've all been on the GO!!!
..Too much? ;)
People are literally coming to us! Apparently there's a point of
interest in this new Pokemon game that leads to our church. On Sunday,
we were syncing our iPads when a man walked up with his phone.
"Sister Essymba... Invite him to be baptized"
"OH!.... Okay"
She walks over to the door, opens it, invites the man to be baptized.
"No thank you! I've already been baptized!"
We've been role playing during companionship study on how to relate
gospel principals with things like Pikachu. It's fantastic.
OUR WEEK! Ah Mission life :)
This month we did a TON of practicing, I LOVED IT! And guess what?
The Zone leaders asked us all to pair up with someone of our same
mission language but NOT our companions.
Well, so what Sister Carlson.. There are a hundred other English
speakers in the zone. THIS IS TRUE! But alas. With Elder Funckes gone,
I'm literally the only other signer in the zone and Elder Cross needs
a change up every once in a while too.
I learned how to invite someone to be baptized in ASL!
Every conversation I have with Elder Cross, I'll always learn
something new. He told me that it was great practice for him because
most deaf people don't know Mormon slang in sign language anyway so it
was practically like teaching a real investigator. Glad I could be of
Pride and Prejudice.
Sister Davis during service this week told Sister Essymba the entire
plot line. One of the greatest moments of my mission: overhearing
Sister Essymba completely enveloped in story line of this British
drama. I laugh. All the time.
So I sang a hymn A Capella this week in our family Ward. Now Bishop
Walton literally has me scheduled to sing every single Sunday the
entire month of July.... I don't know how I feel about that. BUT I
HA! We've actually been dropping a bunch of people like mad but ALL IS
WELL! Making room for those prepared!  Just got to keep on Keepin' on
We love and adore those whom we are teaching!
Have to keep this week short! We went to the USS MIDWAY today so not
that much time to type! My apologies for the lack of spirit this week.
Just know that I love THIS WORK! President and I had a great interview
this past week as we discussed faith. Literally a study session. We
had preach my gospel's and book of mormon's sprawled all over the
desk. Commitments were given on both ends and we had a grand ol' time.
I might have been in there for twice as long as I should have... But
all is well. I love and respect President and Sister Schmitt so much.

Sister Scmidt, Sister Davis, Sister Essymba