Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sister San Diego

Father! I'm teaching someone from Brazil!
Isn't it fantastic? I'll get to her in a bit :D
HAPPY 5TH OF JULY! I hope yesterday everyone had a bomb! Literally. I
hope y'all had a grand ol' time blowing stuff up. Our 4th of July
festivities were grand! We had a flag raising ceremony in the morning
with our family Ward and guess what? SO MANY NON-MEMBERS CAME! 7th
ward members reaching out to neighbors. Milagros. 
Oh California. The land I call my home. No matter, the church is still
true and we talk to everyone. #Murica
THE FIREWORKS THOUGH! We live pretty close to Sea World so we had a
somewhat fabulous display. Not as great as the Stadium of Fire.. But
all is well ;)
We laugh. Constantly.
I can't even.. Describes her. She has this unique personality. I guess
it's just New Yorkers. They escape me.
I'll try anyway ;)
She's an old soul. Very patient-- small things don't phase her. She
has a very rooted understanding of the gospel and she loves her
family. Her dad is a famous Opera singer and her mom is a Music
Therapist. She herself doesn't really do anything musical. She enjoyed
reading and writing. If I were to compare her to people... Hmm She
kind of reminds me of Sister Cortello but also Jenny. WELL. At the
same time not at all. She's her own self. Very confident in know she
is and she rocks it. I will enjoy her company as we grow old. Sister
Essymba and Davis are fantastic together. We're like a big happy
family that finds humor in all things. I'm so blessed.