Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sister San Diego

Let's start from square one ;)
Last Tuesday, Sister Davis and I arrived at our Mission President's
home! It was fantastic (maybe not the hike) seeing so many familiar
faces! Hermana Shields, Sister Stirland, AH! So many fantastic
missionaries.. As President stood in front of his house, he began to
announce who would be training who. Eventually he called Sister Davis
and I up, looked me in the eye and said "We have another Sister that
knows sign language!"
I could have actually died and gone to heaven. I turned to see this
beautiful blond Sister give a quick salute before I stopped her
signing with a hug. Sister Schmitt laughed at my response. I WAS JUST
I LOVE Sister Pitcher. As we drove to the institute to meet with
W, Sister Pitcher explained that before her mission she danced and
was studying news media. I. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing! Talk about a
celestial trio... Her reaction to seeing the San Diego Temple made my
heart sing.
The music in my soul continued as the evening fell. (I might have been
verbally singing a lot too...MIGHT) After having finished accounting
to the Lord what I had done with his Son's name that day, I lifted me
head to see the silhouette of Sister Pitcher kneeling with perfect
posture, signing her prayer to the Lord. I lowered my head again in
tears to thank my God for the Little Angel, Sister Pitcher.
And an angel she is! She knows why she is here and is 3 times the
missionary I was a year and a half ago. Hit the ground running, she
did. Her first day, she invited a part member family's husband to be
baptized with so much power and authority. I cried ha! Ah :) aah :)
AAAAAAH :) I can't stop smiling! She's fantastic. Sister Davis and I
are so blessed.
She calls me Qui gon Jinn, Sister Davis Obi Wan, and herself Anakin.
Again. I laughed so hard I couldn't stop.
This week really has been soooo chock full of Deaf Culture and sign
language. Sister Pitcher was raised in the Deaf Community with a
mother that teachers Deaf children in North Ogden Utah. As we all sat
down for District Meeting, Elder Cross' face lit up as more than half
the room could now carry a conversation without english words. I was
kind of getting emotional (not to sure as to why) THEN to top it all
off, Elder Cross stops before I could leave and signs "Sister Carlson,
you have the facial expressions of a Deaf person. I always feel so at
home around you. You remind me strongly of my Mother."
During companionship inventory, Sister Pitcher made the same remark. I
reminded her of her mother.
It's fantastic...
Speaking of which Sister Pitcher and I contacted a few ASL students
yesterday on Mesa College campus. Divine.
Now that I'm thinking about it, I really am in heaven. Someone made
the remark this week that "Mormons earn brownie points to heaven." But
in all reality we don't "earn" our way to heaven. We PRACTICE heaven.
Christ already paid the debt in full, and for that, I will be
eternally grateful. I marvel that he would extend his great love unto
such as I. Sufficient to own, to redeem, and to justify.
It is wonderful to me :)
I'm excited for this new transfer. I'm excited to work along this
Angel of a Missionary. I'm just so excited. I. LOVE. THIS. WORK.
-Sister Carlson