Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sister San Diego

I am unsure if any of you would know what StarCraft is.. Besides my
dear siblings and Whitney Clan.. ALAS! As Sister Davis and I finished
teaching our 40 year old, professional accountant of an investigator
(and I mean she looks the part; perfect home, perfect husband, perfect
attire) she states:
"Well sisters... It's late, I'm going to go kill some Zergs."
...Kill what?
Kind of taken back I ask "Wait like.. StarCraft?"
Her reply? "Yes, it's the perfect game for an accountant."
I am such a big fan of Tawn. 20% cooler for sure. 😂
School going well? I see mom's peaches and wish I could try one!!!
REMEMBER W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!
Now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am
SO proud of this girl.. Wow. I might actually start crying just
thinking about her progress.
Her baptism was a sweet experience. She came about an hour early so we
could meet with her and as she put it "wind down" from the day's
events. It was a storm. That's a story in of itself that would take
more than I have time to write down. JUST KNOW that God is soooo good
and she is a TROUPER!
The service itself was incredible. After the Birds (senior couple)
gave an amazing talk on baptism, I stood to sing "Be Still My Soul".
My dear former companion, Sister Essymba attended the baptism with one
of her new investigators! From her smile, I could tell she liked the
choice in repertoire. Nearing the end verse, Wadia silently bowed her
head and sobbed. I. Love. That. Girl. After coming back out of the
water, she embraced Gabriel, then turned to the crowd with a HUGE
smile on her face, giving a rejoice filled wave.
Sister Davis did an incredible job teaching the Restoration with me.
Everyone could feel the spirit. It was so palpable!
The few days from her baptism to confirmation were spent in
anticipation and excitement. ON THE DAILY Wadia would say something
along the lines of "I CAN'T WAIT TO RECEIVE MY GIFT!!!"
After her sweet blessing on Sunday, I stood to bare my testimony.
I looked down at W and poured out my heart. I don't really
remember what was said but of course the tears again came. As I walked
back down the isle to take my seat, Wadia JUMPED UP and much like our
first lesson, walked across the room to embrace me while I'm wiping
away allllllll the tears. This time in front of an entire
congregation.. TUDO BEM!
Remember Nick?
Think waaaaay back to Poway when I was with both Sisters Stewart and
'Eukaliti. N was a good Jewish family friend to one of our YSA's
(Spencer) in Mt. Woodson. Spence had signed up to feed Sister Stew and
I dinner (heh.. Also Hermana Short) behold! N was there. We taught
the restoration and that was one of the strongest experiences on my
mission I can remember "opening my mouth" and "It shall be filled". I
literally remember having nothing to do with what was coming out of my
mouth. After the lesson, I can remember Nick just looking at me with
this wonder and saying "There is something different about the way you
just spoke to me. I could see it in your eyes" Spirit of God Nick..
About 4 months later, Sister E and I were on the complete opposite
side of town when all the sudden we felt prompted to go visit Spencer.
Who was there? Nick. We again had no idea what we were there for or
what we needed to say. I was again used as an instrument. Nick took
another hard look at me then made the comment that he had just watched
general conference and that the way I spoke reminded him of Jeffery R
Holland. (I know, what? Best compliment ever). He went on to explain
that he had started taking lessons from the missionaries in Carlsbad,
but 5 minutes prior to our visit, canceled on them. "And here you
As Sister Davis would say, the Lord doesn't do random.
The Sister Training leaders called a few days ago to tell me Nick had
been baptized in Carlsbad and was enjoying life as a Mormon.
Nick though...
WAH my heart.
REMEMBER L!? Our exchange miracle with Sister Whitcomb. Also
agreed to baptism and I CANNOT WAIT!
Keep the water running.
There have been so many miracles this week................ BUT THERE'S
NEVER ENOUGH TIME! What is up with time. Time! time..
I don't know how Sister Whitcomb does it. Nope.
I love you all :)
Wait, oh ya..
Sister Davis and I will be training a new missionary here in the La
Jolla YSA and SD7th wards!
We meet her in a few hours. And from what it looks like, Sister
Stewart taught her in the MTC! Ah, I can't stop smiling.
-Sister Carlson

Sister Stewart teaching at the MTC