Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sister San Diego October 11

My apologies! Today we spent half of the day at the SDSU Institute in
preparation for the Mission President's devotional this Sunday! Sister
Cortello and I will be singing "Nearer My God to Thee" with Sister
Whitcomb once again on the piano. I love these two sisters more than
words can describe and am so thankful they were willing to sacrifice
the time to have one last go at these Devotionals. Ah.. My heart.
Bitter sweet.
This week was a madhouse of events. I probably won't have the time to
explain.. Nor do I want to re-live any of it. BUT! God is so good. He
is always good. This earth is stuffed with heaven. Even amidst all the
trails, there was still so much to laugh about. As always. When can
you not find me laughing or singing? HA.
Some smile worth moments:
More often than not, Sister Pitcher and I will both know the sign of
something, but will forget the English word attached to the sign. We
are each others interpreters in these hiccups of life :)
We have been teaching Sister Davis a lot more sign language. In the
middle of zone meeting, there was this awkward pause and we look over
to see Sister Davis signing "awkward" vigorously. Sister Pitcher and I
COULD NOT stop laughing :) These sisters..
My favorite moment? While walking down the sidewalk for power hour,
Sister pitcher exclaimed "Sister Carlson! You just need to go home and
eat Sister Stewart!... Wait.."
What? I know. I was crying, I love my daughters.
Amazing as always. I love President and Sister Schmitt so much.. They
truly have become one of the biggest strengths in my life.
The Work!
While sitting with K a few days before his baptismal interview, he
approached us with his head hung down.
"K! How is your scripture reading going?"
"Your morning prayers?"
"Just fine."
"Word of Wisdom?"
"........ I made two violations..."
Ah K. He was so sad about it but recommitted to live the Word of
Wisdom for the rest of his life and especially the week before his
baptism haha! Ah. K :)
A  had us over for dinner the day before another surgery
of hers.. She BEEMED at us as she explained that she was so proud of
the 3 of us and knew that she didn't need to know EVERYTHING in order
to join the church. Her home is always a safe heaven. She does so much
for other people when she herself is going through so much trauma. I
LOVE A so much...
I have found it strange how much my heart has expanded for others over
the course of my mission. Yes it's hard because in so doing, it breaks
over and over again. BUT IT'S SO WORTH IT!
My entire soul caught on fire this week as A told us that she wanted
to get married in the San Diego Temple one day.
I cried for about 5 minutes straight. I love A.
P had a huge crisis a few days before her baptism. Per usual for
Sister Carlson's mission, all is well. We invited her to a Fireside
put on by the Linda Vista 1st Ward. After the service, we were able to
sit down and talk with her. She again bore the sweetest testimony and
apologized profusely for not getting baptized on Saturday. Because of
the situation, we passed her off to the family Ward sisters. I love
and trust all of them so much and am not worried in the slightest. I
know everything will work out for the best!
I've been pondering so much about my Heavenly Father this week. He
loves us A LOT when he asks us to do hard things. It's makes me so
grateful for the savior.
The most perfect person was asked to do the hardest thing in the
world. The Atonement.
I was confused as I thought "Wait.. So the more righteous we are, the
harder are life will be because God trusts us?"
You know what, maybe it is harder. But it's easier to bare.
Come what may and love it!!!
Sorry for my scattered thoughts.. We're about to head to a BBQ for the
last P-day of the transfer :)
I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Thomas S. Monson"
"Life by the yard is hard. But life by the inch is a sinch."
I love you my friends! Live simply~
-Sister Carlson