Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sister San Diego October 4

WOW this week...
WOW WOW WOW WOW. Also known as the Word of Wisdom. But this week
meaning WOOOOOOOOOOW We had so much going on I don't even know.. what
to say anymore... I wish I could just somehow put you all in my head
and you could see what the mission life is like for Sister Carlson. It
would be a grand adventure.
How about we do a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc..?
Yes? yes.
Club rush at UCSD. Oh. My. CRAZY! HAH! It was like living within the
movie Monster's University.
Courtesy of Sisters Purcell and Whitcomb. They were the two sisters
that put this idea in my head ;)
Basically, we were able to go onto campus and proselyte if we had a
member of the LDSSA handy. Shout out to Ana Katz for setting the
entire thing up. Woof she's an amazing RM. We went Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, and let me tell you some thingsss:
Okay, first of all. The YSA's in our ward are incredible for being
willing to come out and help.
SECOND. We had a blast. The first day we took a friend named Dillin
and he basically stood on the corner handing out flyers while shouting
INCREDIBLE!". We then took Wadia with us and instead of just handing
out the flyers to random students passing by, she went straight up to
the different clubs and sororities ad invited them all to institute.
One booth asked her if she was a chemical engineer and to their
surprise she smiled and said "YES!" They exchanged flyers. One of my
favorite memories will be Kristine Osborne coming out with us. She's
basically Sister Pilkington reincarnated... She would sing and dance
while handing out the flyers. No shame. She actually ran some people
Ah. La Jolla YSA. My smile is infinite.
Sister Davis named the dog underneath our apartment Lucy. It's a
nick-name... Love-hate relationship.
Ah K. He's is the Korean we are teaching. Yesterday he walked up to
our lesson looking a little sick. We asked "K. Are you sick?"
"I am sick... I've been throwing up all day."
"...K! What are you doing? Go back home, go go go go.."
"No.. I need to prepare for my baptism."
K though. After teaching him the Word of Wisdom, we moved his date
up to the 15th of October. He's ready :)
A! Ah this girl... Makes my heart throb I love her so much!!! We
took Aly to the Mormon Battalion Sunday after Conference with
Kristine! After we took a tour, we reserved a movie room to watch the
film about Joseph Smith. As we all bore testimony after the movie
commenced, to our surprise Aly wanted to bare her testimony as well!
"I'm obviously new to this entire religion thing.. but HERE WE GO!"
She shared with us her heart. "I never thought God existed because of
the life he gave me... But I've been loving the things I'm learning."
The atonement is so real. After teaching her about repentance last
week she texted us that night with a "I love you all. And I WILL
Aly :)
Okay so pause for a second. Take a deep breath. Now continue reading...
We saw SO many General Conference miracles! All of our investigators
with a date came to hear the Prophet's voice! AND THEY DIDN'T COME
ALONE! P brought a good friend of hers from Turkey. We had to go
one member splits to teach everybody! While we were reading with Pelin
the baptismal interview questions, Sister Pitcher was in the other
room teaching the Restoration! Ah... I am SO proud of Sister Pitcher.
I'm such a fan!!!!!
As we finished going over the questions, P bore the most powerful
testimony on following the commandments of God. Might just have been
one of the sweetest experiences of my mission... brought me to tears.
"If God tells you to do something, DO IT. It's not about you, but it's
all about you." I cried and cried and cried.. The tears continued as
P asked Mason to baptize her. He was SO honored. We taught him how
to baptize after K's lesson at the temple...
She then insisted on buying a white dress for her baptism. We told her
that she could honestly wear anything she would like but "NO! White"
haha! Ah... P. After her baptismal interview, She came out beaming
and explained that she had used some of my "teaching skills" to
explain to Elder Webb the commandments.
I love this work.
My favorite talk from General Conference?
Ronald A Rasband.
"Do not forget. Please. Do. Not. Forget..."
It was a huge answer to prayer. My Father in Heaven knows me and KNOWS
that I needed to hear it.
"The Lord loves those whom he chastens" and oh boy is that true.
I will NEVER forget my mission and these people I love so much. I love
the Lord. And I love all of you.
Please. Don't forget about your Savior..
-Sister Carlson