Sunday, February 26, 2017

Where is Waldo

Jess and other ward members dressed up last Wednesday evening and drove to the Provo Mall.. The Young Men and Young Women went over as well to see if they could find the Waldo's of our ward. Jessie came home with a big candy bar for winning the best disguise. She could not be found even though the youth passed her many times hanging out around the food court. 


First Year for organ and piano music.

Julz got a high fever after the recital and had to miss school for the rest of the week. Kidney's can be very sensitive after surgery. She is doing much better and is looking forward to getting on with life. I on the other hand got called to be the Ward Young Women's Secretary today at church. Yes they want me back at girl's camp the first week of June. I'm very tempted to take sleeping pills this time!