Thursday, February 16, 2012

Journey to the Gym

     It's been one month since I signed up at the gym.  I didn't realize it has turned out to be quite the journey.  I guess if you want something bad enough you'll find a way.  Ask my neighbor, I've tried all the diets out there except for a few.
     Last year my other neighbor suggested I sign up at the gym that he went to across from Utah Valley Hospital.  The fee was reasonable, and it was the closest exercise facility to our house.  I kept fighting joining because I thought my walks in the morning every other day would some day kick start my slow metabolism.  My real problem is sugar addiction.  My doctor says my cholesterol is too high, I have health problems, so I need to stop eating sugar.
     I'm finding out if I get my heart rate up for at least thirty-five minutes, a day I come home feeling great with no cravings!!  At the gym I can run for ten minutes on the treadmill, walk fast at a 12.0 incline for fifteen minutes, and then ride the bike for ten minutes.  It's my secret formula that has helped me get into a groove.  Before, my walks outside were two miles but not enough aerobic movement.  I wish I had discovered that ten years ago!  Having an exercise buddy has also been nice.  J#3 has been going with me and I really like the company. Even though we like to listen to our Ipod music.
     Another thing that is helping is lifting weights every other day for about fifteen minutes.  I lift heavy boxes at work and I don't want to injure myself.  Trudy the aid at the gym put me on a light weight regiment so I can build up a little at a time.  The HARD part about the gym is the running.  I hate to run!  But tonight, instead of merely running ten minutes, I felt like running for fifteen minutes and I felt pretty good.  My knees didn't hurt as bad, and my lungs weren't killing me.  I still feel  stiff every day, but if I eat right the exercise is easier. 
  Food has been a challenge as well.  Since I work where there is an unlimited supply of fresh veggies and fruit, I went from sandwiches to salads.  Breakfast is my favorite with an egg or oatmeal.  I know, one of the cooks at work told me to stop eating eggs but that's one of the food items I love eating, so we'll see how it goes.  At night I have cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with all kinds of yummy fruit.  Jenny Craig taught me to have at least three dairy products every day for my bones.
     Weekends are a little different.  I just eat what I'm in the mood for as long as it's not much sugar or too many carbs.
     I'm so grateful for a supportive family and great neighbors!  I'll keep moving and update you on my journeys to the gym next month.