Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sister San Diego

Hello my family!
Our house is leaking!?! What? Haha!
This week has been crazy! It started off with us getting iPads! We
can't do much on them now because our entire mission is still on
"phase 1". Phase 2 will be putting our area books and records online
(which will take the entire mission... A long time). Facebook n' stuff
like that won't be until like.. Phase 12. I don't I will be using it a lot but I
have to today because the library computer lab was full :( which means
no pictures from my camera.

After Zone Conference (about the iPads) we went on exchanges with the
Sister Training Leaders! Sister Seadan and I stayed in our area while
Sister Starr left us.... Sniff.
Nah, it was fun :) Sister Seratto is the bomb.com. BUT SHE LEFT TODAY!
Back to Provo Utah.
I don't remember if I've mentioned this before but Sister Saedan has
been on her mission for 15 months and Sister Starr for 5. Speaking of
months.... I've been here for more than one now!!!! Wahoo!

We took one of our investigators (R, 84) to the Mormon
Battallion!! He loved it haha! We called him up yesterday to schedule
another appointment with him and he really wants to take us  out to
get some real Mexican food! (Haven't had any yet) he also started
talking about baseball and the Padres game. (Which we just got back
from!!!! We got special permission to go :) it was fun!) he was
talking about how fun it is to drink at games... We know what we're
going to teach him next.  And he wasn't lying! Everyone was drinking
tons of beer around us and having a good ol' time. Sister Starr
screamed when she found out we could go to the game. She's a huge
baseball fan! What I thought about it?... A little boring haha

prayer no less. She was in the middle of saying something when he laid
one her. Ok... It was a dog... But still. It took everything I had not
to burst out laughing. Big brown labs give slobbery kisses ;)
especially when your mouth is open! One of the first things I noticed
here in San Diego was that everyone owns a dog. Everyone. It's
abnormal to see someone walking down the street without one!

More interesting stories: we were visiting K (our investigator who
is getting baptized after her birthday) at the place where she works.
It's a candy shop on steroids! There's actually my little pony
plushies the size of humans all around the place with rainbow walls
and candy covering every inch of the store. But the weird part was
when we walked to the back of the store there was a see through
wall.... And on the other side was a bathroom...................... 
A couple days later we found out when you lock the door it fogs the
glass... But at the time we didn't know that!  Just a few days after
that both Sister Saedan and Sister Starr saw a man changing into a
wet suit from his birthday suit in the middle of the road. I was occupied
at the moment and I'm glad I was.

We're teaching a girl from China and a Man from Turkey! I'll start
with L. Her mom is taking lessons from the Mandarin Sisters, but
she doesn't speak the language very well so we got to teach her in
English! She's an incredible 13 year old who already loves "bible
study"! (Most the people here -in my opinion- are Asian. Then a lot of
people from India and the Middle East.) Z is from Turkey and speaks
Turkish and Arabic. We have Arabic Elders but he wanted to keep being
taught from us! Haha :)

It's a small world! 2 days ago on Sunday, after Sunday school, we were
talking with this guy in the hallway about some of the missionaries he
knew. I asked him what mission he served in and he said Washington DC!
So I asked him "north?" "Ya why? Do you know anyone up there?" "YA!
Half my MTC district just went up!" "Oh... I probably don't know them
then." "I also have a good friend who's been up there for a while, do
you know a Michael Van Wagoner?" He then yells: "I TRAINED HIM!!!!!!"
Yep. Met Mike's trainer haha! He took a picture and I think sent it to
Elder Van Wagoner :) it was so random! But cool!

And now here I am! Just got back from the Padres game like I mentioned
before! To answer some questions: we drive a 2013ish Toyota Corola.
It's red and pretty. We don't ever bike or walk really unless we're
street contacting :( I kind of wish we were riding bikes because the
weather is beautiful. No, I haven't been home sick really. Actually
the one time I kind of was homesick was when I was watching Peg sing!
I don't know why but I suddenly really missed the Carters!!  hmm.. I
haven't gotten my laundry stolen yet BUT! Today there was a huge black
widow in the laundry room!

Again sorry that I can't send any cool pictures.... I was going to
send a ton this week! I felt really sad when we say that the library
was full!

I love you all!!!
-Sister Carlson
My mission area.