Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Washington DC and Dixon Middle School

Jewels and Josie going on the same trip.


Waiting at Salt Lake Airport. First time for Jewels on an airplane!

World War II Memorial


Jewels favorite museum. Air and Space.

Mr. Sudweeks

Vietnam Memorial

Lincoln Monument
Elder VanWagoner found Dixon Middle School students on the third day of their tour.

What a great experience for everyone.
They all made it back home safe and sound! 
I emailed a thank you to one of the teachers that went on the same trip.
Here is what I wrote:

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for the photo of Jewels at the Vietnam Memorial. That was one place we did not visit when my husband and I toured Washington DC twelve years ago. I'm sure Jewels was touched as I'm sure she has been throughout the entire trip. 
When my husband and I traveled to DC we took my father-in-law who served during World War II. Since we had to push him in a wheel chair for most of the ten day visit we only had the strength for certain places. I think we spent most of our time at the World War II Memorial and the airplane museums. When I first heard about Dixon Middle School's trip I did not want Jewels to go at such a young age. If you were to ask her, I was the one who was too concerned about a fourteen year old traveling across the country without her parents. But during a stressful family council I got voted out. Today I'm grateful that I got voted out. The judicial system is such a blessing in our home as well as in our country. Jewels will never forget this wonderful experience and it never would have been possible if it weren't for you and the other teachers from Dixon Middle School. She really worked hard to earn all of the money which also made me realize her willing heart.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work and being involved with such a great trip!

Sincerely, Marci Carlson