Wednesday, July 1, 2015


First time I've ever picked a tomato from my garden at the beginning of July. I usually start to see them turn red after Pioneer Day.

My tomato with a black bean burger!


Outside my front window.

 My favorite place to sit and relax.

The view I get to take in every day!

Speaking of views, here's my brother Mark who lives back east. He really enjoys being outside in the woods, or rafting a river some where.
In this particular photo he is actually visiting his oldest daughter who lives in Washington State. I'm pretty sure that is Mt. Saint Helens volcano behind him.

Back east, probably Gettysburg.

Here he is rafting with his girls when they were younger.

Mark also lives near Gettysburg Virginia and enjoys being involved in Civil War re-enactment activities. I really like his tall hat in this picture.

Winter doesn't stop him from getting out.  He's become a pretty good cross country skier

John Ward Whitney
Had to add a new photo of my baby brother Ward.
Another new grand baby.

His wife Shannon
They live near Soda Springs Idaho on a ranch.
I think they like being grandparents.

 Here is a photo of my brothers and I in front of our big front porch in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
1964 So long ago.