Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sister San Diego

Hello again family and friends! :D
This week was very interesting with many adventures! I always feel like I never have enough time to get it all on email! WAH! Here we go!!!

First and foremost! La Jolla Coves! We went for our P-day activity last week! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! The first time we were actually by the ocean and not just seeing it for a few seconds as we drive by :) Most everyone played Ultimate Frisbee (which I thought I was escaping with leaving Utah n' all...) but I mostly just wrote letters. I never have enough time to do so... BUT! I try my best. While enjoying the scenery and breeze, Sister Passe Carlus (pass cah-ha-loooos) taught me a bunch of french! She has beautiful skin so I somewhat sneakily took pictures of her while she wasn't looking........... Everyone always calls her Sister French but now I have it DOWN! :D It was so nice and I got some birthday shopping down. I hope you like it Mommy :) AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINCE IT WILL OFFICIALLY BE THIS WEEK!!! :D :D :D

There are many a people with interesting stories in this area.. MANY just in our ward hehe. This week we met a few billionaires! One woman being like the CEI of some company (I honestly think it was apple...) and The R's invited us to their clubhouse for dinner! Brother Fay R is an architect or something and has a million fancy cars with a house here in La Jolla, one in Hollywood (he told us you can see it in multiple movies) and another in New York. He said to look up is name when we get home ha! While we meet some pretty interesting people, most the folk in our ward are younger couples with babies. I can never hear anything in sacrament really.. And there are a BUNCH of people here just for the summer sales.

The best part of this week though was meeting ELVIS! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with him but one night I was making calls to members around the ward to set up appointments. (I'm the designated cell phone person in our trio) I called a name on our unknown list and surprisingly got an answer. He seemed confused as to why we wanted to meet with him and I basically told him I was new to the ward and knew no one... So! He agreed to meet us at the temple. The next day when we drove up, low and behold... There was Elvis standing in front of the visitors tent. Sister Starr and Saedan were walking in front of me but when they approached him he said "Where is Sister Carlson, I need to meet Sister Carlson!" And didn't shake the other sisters hands until he shook mine. The hair. The clothes. Everything. It was Elvis. When we first started talking with him he asked us "So they told you what I do right?" Confused we told him no and he was really surprised! He told us he was a professional Elvis impersonator! He gave us his card and continued to tell us his entire life story. Basically, he's Forest Gump mixed with Elvis. At one point in his life we walked around America for 4 years, on a spiritual journey. Walking and talking with God. He's a scriptural master! HE WAS TEACHING US! :D It was fun. He gave us things to study about Melchizedek haha. He knows everything you could know about Elvis and he told us a short story about Evlis reading the BoM and sharing it with his daughter. Anywho.. ah it's so much fun talking to people :)

It's amazing being someone's miracle. I feel like I really accomplished my goal of asking inspired questions this week :) I don't have the time to write about it but just know that you can be someone's angel. In fact you all are.

This week was G's Baptism!!!!!!!!! He's one of sister Starr's very first investigators. He is the funniest people I've ever met. I got to lead the music ha :P

For the 4th of July, we're all just (as a household of sisters) making red white and blue cake :) It's going to be the!

Well I hope you're all doing good! I'm just fine :) Remember to set a goal as a family to have someone in your home to teach! Let's hasten this work!

-Sister Carlson