Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sister San Diego

We have two new roomies! Sister Seo ("Saw") from Korea and Sister
Weidmann ("Vide-min") from Switzerland!
Sister Saedan and I were studying Wednesday morning when we received a
phone call from the AP's. They wanted sister Saedan to play the
mission song for Transfer Meeting. We told them we weren't being
transferred... but they told us to come anyway! SO WE DID! Turns out
the two new sisters both didn't have a Tiwi card (to drive). Sister
Weidmann had JUST arrived here from the Temple Square mission, and had
a few driving papers to fill out. SO! We were their wheels for the day.
These Sister's are amazing! I can't imagine White Washing an area! But
they are doing great! Sister Seo reminds me a lot of Heidi haha! She's
super nice, funny, and will laugh at pretty much anything. She is the
kindest person I have ever met... THEN THERE'S SISTER WEIDMANN!!! She
beats me up everynight. Juuuuust kidding but man! he has this
get'r'done attitude! It dawned on me a few days ago that I was the
only American in the household now... I'm out numbered! It's so cool
to have 8 languages going on in the apartment (Because Sister Weidmann
knows a million). IT'S BEEN SO MUCH FUN!!! :D AH!
This morning we went to the temple with le new household  and Sister
Cava with her new companion, sister Leva (Sister Leva came out with
me! WO). It was sooooo nice. Going to the temple is the biggest
blessing in the entire universe!!! AND! We get see the temple everyday
it seems :)  A few days ago, we were street contacting near the
temple, and this guy starts talking with us when  suddenly he just
starts ripping it about Joseph Smith  and how God is racist etc etc...
It's the first time I've had it happen to me on my mission. I just
smiled and tried answering all his questions (but really he didn't let
us). It was very apparent how much he drove away the spirit. But
afterwards I just laughed and realized how much of a testimony builder
it was to me. THIS CHURCH IS SO  TRUE!!!!!!
We had another amazing lesson with E. This time we brought the
new YSA  sisters with us and passed him off.. It was sad but I hope to
be able to go to his baptism next month :)
Bishop,  just to introduce him and it went really well. HA! That just
reminded me that Bishop lost his voice practicing for a musical number
this Sunday. I'm actually really excited because he just doesn't seem
like the musical type :) Hopefully his voice heals in time!
Well.. Again not much time but we had a great week! It feels like the
last P-day was two days ago... WHAT IS WITH TIME!!!!
Love you all :)  Hope school is the
-Sister Carlson