Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sister San Diego

How has everyone been?! Thanks for all the prayers and support! This missionary has a swamped brain so sorry if today's email is CRAZY! 😉
AND SO IT BEGINS! Last week on P-day we had Sushi to celebrate Sister Wong's Birthday! Pretty much all the Battalion girls were there and our roommates so... it was a party of sisters ha!
A few fun highlights from this last week:
We added a new investigator! His name is L M and he's this chill Hispanic man that can play practically any instrument on earth. He shared with us a really cool life or death experience he had when he was younger when we met him on the street. Basically he died and could see the surgeons working on him form above. He said he then remembers feeling completely happy and could see a garden. When asking where he was, the response came as "your at scrips hospital in La Jolla" and he came back to reality slowly feeling all the aches and pains return. He's a really cool guy that loves God and wants nothing more than to live his life playing music for God. I love meeting people like him. 
After helping one of our potential investigators pack to leave for Iran, Sister Saedan and I were waiting in an elevator when a guy came in and waited with us. He say out tags then said kind of in a load excited voice "WHO'S THE MAN?!?" We were both shocked at first, and it probably showed on our faces. I started laughing then he explained that he goes to the Rock Church and when asked "Who's the Man" you reply with "Jesus!" So.. He asked us again "WHO'S THE MAN!" And we said Jesus! The elevator door opened and he left while yelling "LOUDER!". Sister Saedan smiled at each other then we both sang "JESUS!!!"
Speaking of singing, we were able to attend the memorial service for one of the Less Actives in our ward we met regularly with. It would have been Brother Hofmann's 93rd Birthday! We sang I am a Child of God and had our Bishop play for us even though he was scared to death ;) 
I am a Child of God is the only song Brother Hofmann remembered when we would go visit him in his care facility.
WELL!!!!! Sorry my people, but I still need to write the Mission President and there's only 20 minutes left on my little timer here ;)
My faith has never grown stronger than how it has out in the field. I know this church is true with all my heart and I love sharing it with people. Going to the temple is so peaceful and important, please go often. I love Thomas S. Monson and I love Joseph Smith for giving up his life to serve God. I would give up my life for this Gospel as well! The Book of Mormon has become my favorite novel to read. The people in that book truly did exist and like Joseph Smith, gave their lives for this knowledge we now have. The basics burn true in my soul and I love receiving answers from my heavenly father. I have literally had conversations with him on what I should be doing and where I should be going. Our father in heaven loves us so much... IT'S THE MOST MIND BLOWING THING IN THE UNIVERSE! And it's all because of Christ. Our older Brother, that we can make it back to him, happy, and with our families.
"Dare to be Mormon!" -Thomas S. Monson ;)
-Sister Carlson