Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sister San Diego

Good afternoooooooon!
This week has been HOT! I think Thursday it got up to 100! AND it's
pretty darn humid too! BUT! We got tons of rain this morning. Maybe a
little too much.. Literally 20 feet from our apartment, there was a
car crash and the driver died.. sad.
We were planning on washing our car today, so we did! IN THE RAIN! It
was a lot of fun :D

I was the most dry when it was all said and done, THANKS MOM FOR THE
AWESOME RAIN COAT! haha. We are currently sitting in the institute
while Sister Saedan accompanies a bunch of singers. They're
auditioning for this next Mission President's Spanish Fireside. Next
we'll go eat, shop, then we might go bowling! P-DAY POWER!
Yesterday, Sister Saedan and I found this box of free stuff lying on
the sidewalk.. SO! We looked through it and we ended up taking home
another blue tooth key board, iPad charger, mini checkers set, ice
cream scooper, and a bunch of small things like toys and rings to give
to other missionaries as friendship tokens! We also found a glow stick
that we used as a flashlight to look through all the other boxes. It
was so strange because everything inside was so nice!
This last week, we did a lot of finding activities. I acquired a
pretty nice tan line because of it. We added a new investigator
though! His name is A and he's pretty cool :)
He plays the Guitar and works at a lab. We went to his apartment
thinking we were going to find a new move in with the name of "Sister
V" but A answered the door (later told us he almost didn't
but had the impression he should) TADA! At the beginning of the first
lesson we had with him, Sister V was giving the opening prayer.
There was a few moments of silence so I looked up from my bowed head,
and Sister V was just bawling. She thanked God for sending the
"Angels" to her home. It was a pretty humbling experience.
WELL! Sister Saedan is leaving me in about 2 weeks! AH! It's sad but
exciting, she's ready to go home and so is her family haha.
Sorry if this week's email is a little short. Time is crazy weird when
you're on a mission! The past 3 weeks have just blown right by.
All of you need to send me pictures! I love them more than anything else!!! :D
I've felt my faith grow a lot in the last few months and I know none
of this would be possible without the restored gospel. This church is
so true and I LOVE IT! Grab on to that iron rod everyone.
-Sister Carlson