Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Transferred to Poway California

I love these people... so much.
I honestly don't want to leave but the Lord needs me else where. I
love the people here in the UC 2nd ward.
Hmmmm.. well. I have no time.
Music Status:
Yesterday, Sister Hendrix and I sang in the ward choir! One rehersal.
It was amazing! Got to sing this cool descant part.
Sister Richardson also gave us a call and said that the songs we will
be performing Monday for the Missionary Christmas Devotional will
again be performed for the Marines Christmas Day. EXCITING!
Mission Tour:
L. Whitney Clayton is a man called of God. What can I say more? My
mind is blown haha! I learned so much...
I'm looking at the clock and Sister Hendrix and I have to run along
soon.... I know this is super lame, but here are my notes from the
tour IF you care to read them.
Keep in mind that some of the things I wrote were what I learned from
the spirit and not actually what was said. 
Sister Hendrix's mom sent her this beautiful tree.

Good bye La Jolla Sisters