Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sister San Diego

This week.. I'll actually tell you about my life. HA!
What an outpouring of blessings have we received here in The Great California San Diego Mission! First President Nelson, Jeffery R. Holland, James J Hamula (whaaaat? It's not stopping. NO!) and now this week, President Schmitt invited Sister Essymba and I to join him in the East Stake's Conference with special visitor: Elder Edward Dube from Zimbabwe! Toooo much. I can hardly keep up. I might just cry. Oh wait, I already have Heh :P
C WAS BAPTIZED! And how sweet experience it was :)
Elder Vickers from the Mormon Battalion was able to baptize and confirm C a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Both Elder and Sister Vickers met C a few months ago as he wandered onto to San Diego Temple grounds. They committed him to learn more, and look! He is now a priesthood holder in the La Jolla YSA ward! After his Baptism, the Vickers took us all out to eat, and just to make it that much more lasting, we all went to the Mormon Battalion after his confirmation Sunday. How sweet the gospel is. C is a real trooper with a lot of faith. I'm so thankful for these last few weeks I've been able to learn and grow because of the man. He'll never know how much he affected me #MissionLife
HA! Satan was really trying not to let this service happen. I could write you all a list... But ALL IS WELL! Press forward. This IS the most important work in the entire universe. We are at war. In this case? God won. 
Remember the worth of one soul :)
A lot of our YSAs have been bringing their friends to FHE and institute! Ah... YSA :)
Family ward has really been picking up as well! Part member families for the win! 
Sunday, we had a recent convert with us after church so we thought we mine as well take her with us to go contact some potentials. We met a less active man's wife (G W for those who know the area heh) Tawn! She LOVES missionaries and wants us to come back and teach her! Turns out there are a billion (not even kidding) part member families in the San Diego 7th ward.. I know that if anything is going to happen in this area, we're going to have to "Dig deeper, and pray harder. There are people to find in each and every area of this mission" -Hamula
Zone meeting was one for the books. Elder Funckes bore a sweet "departing" testimony. I can never keep a dry eye when that man testifies. I don't know if it's just because he's a convert or if it's just a gift he has. ALL OF THE ABOVE. Tear for the fallen. Sister 'Eukaliti from Tonga is leaving me soon as well..What on earth? When did I become so old on the mission. 
SUNDAY! 7 hours of church has never looked so good on a person. I feel for those who have ever had to triple cover. You hear me Sister Cortello? I respect you. 
YOUTH CONFERENCE! That's correct. Sister Essymba and I were asked to speak at a youth conference out on Fiesta Island. It was sweet and powerful. Never before have I felt like such a loved person. They came running up to us after for pictures and scriptures we referenced. They all want me to be their Chorus teacher in Emery Utah. HA! Youth. They made me so uncomfortable. Maybe I'm just out of touch..  with my... youthfulness.. Little did they know. HA!
Well. The time is far spent. 
Now is the time to go and and to DO! It's not about who is right but what is right. Go out and do my friends. the lord is by your side. I was very aware of that this last week.
It may have been one of the hardest of my mission but VERY well worth it. There are angles round about you to bare you up. Nothing in this world is more important than love. Love those around you. Love the Lord enough to keep his commandments with exactness. Don't be casual about the gospel."Casualness is the gateway to disobedience" -President Schmitt. 
Know that I love, trust, and respect you all. Please continue to pray for missionary opportunities and mean it. Let this Gospel change you. This church is a place for eternal progression. Never become comfortable with where you're at.
Keep on Keepin' on  -Sister Carlson