Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sister San Diego

She's gone! I've done the deed.... 

We dropped Sister Saedan off at the airport this morning @7:30. Which means we woke up at 5. AH! It was so sad... She will be flying from here to Seattle Washington, then off to Korea, THEN home to Thailand! 20 hours on a plane. Not counting layovers.. Pray for her.

For now I'm in a trio with the YSA Sisters, and we'll see what transfers bring tomorrow! I know I'll be staying in La Jolla which is a big plus.

These last few weeks have been crazy busy! Yesterday was filled with goodbyes and pictures. Everyone in this mission is going to miss Sister Saedan! 

Sunday, we went to the Mormon Battalion with K and the YW! It occurred to me this time how close we are to Old Town. It takes like 15 minutes to get there... I've been maybe 5 times since coming to San Diego, but it never gets old. Sister Chung (whom I saw just 30 minutes before hand at ward council) was the Sister chosen to give us the tour! I love the live interaction and all the fun activities the Battalion holds. Not only that but you really do feel the spirit and I can't get over the sacrifice these early saints made. K loved it! Her baptism is November and is staying strong. Everyone is getting excited!

Our last lesson with M was great! She has tons of questions and we tried our best to answer all of them. Funny how being the teacher has me learning more than anything. She hasn't come to church yet, granted we've only met her twice, BUT! She did accept the baptismal invitation if she finds out the Book of Mormon is true. Really, that was the answer we had to most her questions, "read, ponder, and pray. If you do, we promise God will give you answers". I hope she catches the fire :)

We briefly met with R this week. Just a quick goodbye. "THE MORMON MAIDENS ARE BACK!" I told him we can't keep coming back if he's not willing to read that Book of Mormon of his and come to church! It's been so long.. He knows it's true.. he's just.. a stubborn old man. 

Departure activities were Thursday so yet again, I was hanging out with YSA :)
Sister Weidmann and Sister Seo are seriously the best though. I've learned a lot about Switzerland and Korea from them haha! AND! It just so happens that they were teaching E that day! I haven't seen him for a while and it's good to see someone that you loved teaching. Sometimes it's hard to refer investigators (which we seem to do a lot) but the YSA ward is so much better for him. He was excited to see me too though HA!

This week we also had an exchange with the STL's! I went up to Poway (well, mostly Ramona) with Sister Stewart (SISTER STEWART TRAINED SISTER WHITCOMB, MY MTX COMP!) and Sister Saedan stayed here with Sister Starr. I had SUCH a blast. Sister Stewart is soooo cool even though we got lost a few times.. It was nice just to be somewhere outside my area. I learned a lot!

Well this emails is already 10x longer than last weeks.. Just so much has happened! 
Keep on Keepin' on folks! 😉

-Sister Carlson
                                                                         Finished our temple run.

P.S. All those deciding to go on a mission or not: Go on a mission. You won't regret it. "Remember the worth of one soul is great in the eyes of God"
"If ye have the desire, ye are called to the work"
"And if it so be that ye should labor all your days and bring but one soul unto me... How great shall be your Joy"
My life and this mission are too short.

Revelation 21:4 -This is my reason for serving. I want others to feel what I've felt.

Jake and Jen at Comic Con

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sister San Diego

This is it! Sister Saedan's last couple of days! I probably wont be
able to tell ya'll who my new comp is until October.. haha! She goes
home Tue, and Wed will be Transfers :)

Our Zone Leaders just walked in and told us another apostle died...
RICHARD G SCOTT! WAH! This next General Conference is going to be
insane haha!
Zone Conference was this week! It was all about member missionary
work! I feel like I've seen President every couple of days this last
few weeks. Sunday we had a Spanish Fireside and Sister Saedan was
asked to play for it. Shook President's hand yet again! Even though he
doesn't speak Spanish too well, he's able to give powerful talks. I
Last P-day was bowling! (125 haha) We also had some Korean food and it
was amazing. I've had so much strange food with my international
roommates.. It's the best.
Today we're off to Sunset Cliffs and we're going to go get some
Chick-Fal-A haha. WAhoo!!!!!
Sorry.. Today we don't have too much time again. EXCITING NEWS TO COME!!!!!
Keep praying for missionary opportunities! :D
-Sister Carlson

Sister San Diego

Good afternoooooooon!
This week has been HOT! I think Thursday it got up to 100! AND it's
pretty darn humid too! BUT! We got tons of rain this morning. Maybe a
little too much.. Literally 20 feet from our apartment, there was a
car crash and the driver died.. sad.
We were planning on washing our car today, so we did! IN THE RAIN! It
was a lot of fun :D

I was the most dry when it was all said and done, THANKS MOM FOR THE
AWESOME RAIN COAT! haha. We are currently sitting in the institute
while Sister Saedan accompanies a bunch of singers. They're
auditioning for this next Mission President's Spanish Fireside. Next
we'll go eat, shop, then we might go bowling! P-DAY POWER!
Yesterday, Sister Saedan and I found this box of free stuff lying on
the sidewalk.. SO! We looked through it and we ended up taking home
another blue tooth key board, iPad charger, mini checkers set, ice
cream scooper, and a bunch of small things like toys and rings to give
to other missionaries as friendship tokens! We also found a glow stick
that we used as a flashlight to look through all the other boxes. It
was so strange because everything inside was so nice!
This last week, we did a lot of finding activities. I acquired a
pretty nice tan line because of it. We added a new investigator
though! His name is A and he's pretty cool :)
He plays the Guitar and works at a lab. We went to his apartment
thinking we were going to find a new move in with the name of "Sister
V" but A answered the door (later told us he almost didn't
but had the impression he should) TADA! At the beginning of the first
lesson we had with him, Sister V was giving the opening prayer.
There was a few moments of silence so I looked up from my bowed head,
and Sister V was just bawling. She thanked God for sending the
"Angels" to her home. It was a pretty humbling experience.
WELL! Sister Saedan is leaving me in about 2 weeks! AH! It's sad but
exciting, she's ready to go home and so is her family haha.
Sorry if this week's email is a little short. Time is crazy weird when
you're on a mission! The past 3 weeks have just blown right by.
All of you need to send me pictures! I love them more than anything else!!! :D
I've felt my faith grow a lot in the last few months and I know none
of this would be possible without the restored gospel. This church is
so true and I LOVE IT! Grab on to that iron rod everyone.
-Sister Carlson

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sister San Diego

How has everyone been?! Thanks for all the prayers and support! This missionary has a swamped brain so sorry if today's email is CRAZY! 😉
AND SO IT BEGINS! Last week on P-day we had Sushi to celebrate Sister Wong's Birthday! Pretty much all the Battalion girls were there and our roommates so... it was a party of sisters ha!
A few fun highlights from this last week:
We added a new investigator! His name is L M and he's this chill Hispanic man that can play practically any instrument on earth. He shared with us a really cool life or death experience he had when he was younger when we met him on the street. Basically he died and could see the surgeons working on him form above. He said he then remembers feeling completely happy and could see a garden. When asking where he was, the response came as "your at scrips hospital in La Jolla" and he came back to reality slowly feeling all the aches and pains return. He's a really cool guy that loves God and wants nothing more than to live his life playing music for God. I love meeting people like him. 
After helping one of our potential investigators pack to leave for Iran, Sister Saedan and I were waiting in an elevator when a guy came in and waited with us. He say out tags then said kind of in a load excited voice "WHO'S THE MAN?!?" We were both shocked at first, and it probably showed on our faces. I started laughing then he explained that he goes to the Rock Church and when asked "Who's the Man" you reply with "Jesus!" So.. He asked us again "WHO'S THE MAN!" And we said Jesus! The elevator door opened and he left while yelling "LOUDER!". Sister Saedan smiled at each other then we both sang "JESUS!!!"
Speaking of singing, we were able to attend the memorial service for one of the Less Actives in our ward we met regularly with. It would have been Brother Hofmann's 93rd Birthday! We sang I am a Child of God and had our Bishop play for us even though he was scared to death ;) 
I am a Child of God is the only song Brother Hofmann remembered when we would go visit him in his care facility.
WELL!!!!! Sorry my people, but I still need to write the Mission President and there's only 20 minutes left on my little timer here ;)
My faith has never grown stronger than how it has out in the field. I know this church is true with all my heart and I love sharing it with people. Going to the temple is so peaceful and important, please go often. I love Thomas S. Monson and I love Joseph Smith for giving up his life to serve God. I would give up my life for this Gospel as well! The Book of Mormon has become my favorite novel to read. The people in that book truly did exist and like Joseph Smith, gave their lives for this knowledge we now have. The basics burn true in my soul and I love receiving answers from my heavenly father. I have literally had conversations with him on what I should be doing and where I should be going. Our father in heaven loves us so much... IT'S THE MOST MIND BLOWING THING IN THE UNIVERSE! And it's all because of Christ. Our older Brother, that we can make it back to him, happy, and with our families.
"Dare to be Mormon!" -Thomas S. Monson ;)
-Sister Carlson

Sister San Diego

Hey everyone! It sounds like cha'all had a fun week!

I am currently getting my hair cut by one of our investigators, K ;) 
It's amazing how good it feels to just get a trim when your hair is this short! It's nice!!! AND! She said we could finish emailing here so! We'll be staying for a bit :P

This week was swell! We're just about done transferring data from our paper records to the Area Book Planner App. We've done all investigators and formers, NOW it's just less active members we teach. Oh! I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but we do a lot of that! (Reactivation!) And I very much enjoy it! We regularly have lessons with Fransisco Silva, Wendy, Teresa, Harvey, Akiko (the list goes on and on) and we also make it a point to try and visit those less active members we don't know. It can be a little heart breaking at time.. Ehem! But anyway, I'm glad to be almost done with those darn paper records!!!!!

We added a new investigator this week! Her name is D M! She was one of those miracles cases where we visited a name on the Ward list we didn't know (expecting to find a less active single man) and found a slight active/recent convert with his newly wedded wife! She had somewhat been taught the lessons by missionaries before when they were both single and attending institute. But they married, moved, and were transferred to a family Ward (Tada!). She has a very scientific mind and asked some great questions. Hope things go well! 

Sunday was probably my favorite part of the week! We had a missionary focused sacrament meeting (it was practically a fireside) where a bunch of recent converts AND one of our investigators spoke! KATE SHARED HER TESTIMONY AND EXPERIENCE LEARNING FROM THE SISTER MISSIONARIES AND I CRIED AAAALLL DAAAAAY! I assume the bishopric had to get special permission for her to speak, BUT! It was amazing. One of the counsellors from the stake presidency came and HE was tearing up a little bit. Sister Saedan and I also shared short testimonies on how missionary work has blessed our lives. I actually didn't talk about my own mission but how my daddy converted to the church because of his friends and how members are the TRUE missionaries. A little bit about dad's, Jake's, and Jenny's mission and how they inspired me to go on one. I... Couldn't stop crying... Especially after Kate's talk so.. Don't know if anyone got anything from it 😆

When I got here to San Diego, President gave all the new missionaries a BoM and gave them the challenge to read it from cover to cover, marking every time it mentioned Christ(yellow), his words(red), his attributes(blue), and doctrine/principals(green). As of this morning I am on Alma 28 (so... A little over half way!!!!) I challenge THEE family (and friends) to dooooo it. It has strengthened my testimony so much of not only the Book of Mormon, but the savior, and Joseph Smith! DOOOOOO EEEEEEET. And I'm committing you all out of loooove 😘

GUESS WHAT! All of you (almost) have a look-a-like that I have found HERE in San Diego! Not really look-a-like but they remind me of yaaaa'll. 
Dad-Harvey, one of the less active men we teach. After my talk Sunday (OH MAN! And he actually showed up to church!) he thanked me for my talk and said something like, don't give up on people like me.. So I started weeping again 😅

Mom-Sister Sinclair, she's out here in a mission with her husband :) they come check our apartment every once and a while!

Boo-Ella Kwapich, she's the first counsellor's daughter! She's in the middle of band camp this week! SHE LOOK LIKE BOO TOOOO!

Jacob-Zeke, ok in this case... He really is the same person. Same looks and all. Even the way he spoke and stuff I was like "... Is this my brother from another mother?"

Hanna-Sister Snyder, she's this cool hipster lady in our Ward that's totally chill and funny. We visited her yesterday and I was like "dang! She's just like Hanna!" And then I missed my best friend 😂

Well! Besides the haircut, we'll be off to eat Sushi soon!!! One of the Mandarin Sister's has a Birthday today :) I'M SO EXCITED! We had Sushi for lunch last week.. I know, random! BUT IT WAS SO GOOD! I don't even know why! Something about the mission has made it so all food I didn't necessarily like before.. I now kind of really like. YA NEVER KNOW! Maybe I'll start eating eggs mom ;)

LOVE YOU ALL! Tell Camilla Shaw to write me this instant! And Jacob Wayne :)

-Sister Carlson 

Linger longer! Every 4th Sunday :) fooooood!

Our Ward mission leader and his family :) they're moving this week 😢