Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sister San Diego

Sunday! Best Easter. Of. All. Time.
I can't even begin! We came to church and had 3 of our investigators there! Greg n' Ash came and sat by us too, but then Greg went up and BLESSED THE SACRAMENT. I cried and cried. More! Yes. Sister Stew walked in with her family. My heart. I then sang Consider the Lilies of the Field. Tears. The Davis' spoke about the atonement. They lost they're 18 month old baby a few years ago. Definition of Christlike humans. The Davis'. We then added 3 investigators after church. Milagros for days.
Exchange! Today we got back from going on an exchange with the Lo Jolla YSA sisters :)
Sis Wils came to Mt. Woodson with Sister E and I went back to La Jolla with Sister Essymba. At first I felt kind of bad because literally after having been in their area for a few minutes, one of their investigators we had a set appointment with for that day dropped us... But all is well because we invited the member who was going to be present for that lesson come out with us to contact people. We visited a former investigator, shared the Easter video, re-added him, and set him with a baptismal date forApril 24th! Cool guy :)
And then I accidentally stayed up until 2 in the morning talking with Sisters Passé-Carlus and Clarke. Woops. Worth it Ha! I loved hearing about all their adventures in UC 2nd.
What I learned this Easter season:
The savior sang a hymn with his apostles before he left to go perform the atonement. Music can fortify us through tuff times.
The resurrection. The atonement. The savior. It's real, or it's not.
4 things I studied and pondered.
1- Trials. Health problems. Death. like Christ, trials can allow us to pray more earnestly. We need them. If life was perfect, we wouldn't seek after Christ.
2- Nevertheless principal! Jesus began to be soar amazed and heavy his "Soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death". Daddy take this cup away from me, nevertheless not my will but thine be done. Come what may, and love it. There is nothing, abuse, rejection, loss, that will cause me to leave my God and church. There are so many excuses. Someone offended me, etc etc. we can say forget about it but Christ said nevertheless. Step forward an do what God wants you to do.
3- Forgiveness. Christ's pain on the cross, yet he forgave them. We have no right to hold grudges.
4- Taking care of women. One of the most important characteristics a women should identify men is by the way they treat their mothers. Christ looked down off the Cross and spoke to his mom asking John to take care of her. The woman who committed adultery dragged through town half clothed and mocked and thrown at the feet of the savior in the temple. "Those without sin cast the first stone." Then alone with the savior, he tells her (in my own head): I love you kid, go, and sin no more.
Well folks. I love you.
Come hungry for conference! In his sermon at the temple, the Savior taught: "And blessed are all they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled with the Holy Ghost." 3 Nephi 12:6.
I promise you that if you come to General Conference prepared with specific questions, hungering after righteousness, the Lord will open the heavens and you will receive the knowledge, light, and revelation that you seek. This personal revelation will be a great blessing to you!
-Sister Carlson
P.S. I realized that all these eventful things happened this week... And I didn't take pictures. Sumi mah sen!

Lake Poway on P Day

Provo City Center Temple Celebration March 2016

Elder Oaks

 Provo Temple Dedication

Sister San Diego

Not going to lie, getting up at 4 this morning to drop off a bunch of
sisters at the airport was suuuuper sad. I cried as I told Sister
Pilkington farewell. I cried as I thanked Sister Cava.
Ha! Didn't cry when Sister Stew walked away but eh, I'll see her in a
few days ;)
Looking forward to the new transfer! So many amazing sisters, so many
miracles! The excitement in my heart is mucho. Sister E and I are at
it again in Mt. Woodson YSA! Love Poway. But not the smell.
Our zone has become pretty small. There's a lot of white washing going
on! Sister Starr is white wash training. Again. And her trainEE sister
Vernier is training too! My family is growing! ;)
Killed my Grandmother today though. We mourn.
Sister Clarke from UC 2nd was my angel today! Declaring to me good
tidings of great joy! Ah! She just told me about a few of the people I
taught while serving my time in that Ward and I couldn't help but feel
so happy. Might explode. Might.
So Westin is excited as ever for his baptism next month. He's going to
town on picking speakers, music, you name it. This next week, we'll be
taking him to the Mormon Battalion. Stoked! I also realized that I
love those I teach. Teaching the gospel and seeing people change and
become happier because of it is more than words.
For this next one... Don't judge.
We had district meeting. We took a zone picture. I fell off a chair.
No one noticed.
I have a blower flack the size of Texas on the right side of my body.
It's pretty colorful.
We helped him practice again this week but this time we took the Elders. Prime.
We could tell he was a bit nervous so the night before we stalked his
car and wrote "YOU CAN DO IT!" Notes and stuck um all over his car.
Next time he saw us, he was all "UH! If I could hug you right now, I
would! That was awesome!" Rodge Greg.
Also, last Sunday, Greg and Rodrigo got into a fight about who would
hug me first after I was released from being a missionary.. I don't
Rodrigo: "just share man."
Greg: "I don't share!"
What? If it were my way.. I would just never stop being a missionary!
Good idea? Yes.
DINNER WITH JENELLE! I sometimes get so excited I start crying. That
didn't happen this time but it almost did. Ah... Jenelle though. She
talked about how excited she was for her new calling and getting to go
to the temple... BAH! Recent converts :D
They strengthen my faith so much. As we were walking her out to her
car, it was brought up how we thought it was cool she was a model. She
stopped and asked us how we knew (probably Brig but I don't
remember..). She frowned and explained "I don't want people to know me
for my looks. Models have a brain and a heart too! I want to be
remembered for my faith."
... Jenelle.
K, but if she actually becomes famous. That's cool. BUT SHE IS REALLY
SMART! Studied in the Philippines :) I told her about all my friends
that serve or have served there! Jenelle... JENELLE! I could go in for
days but I'll cease.
Eva's baptism was amazing! (Hector's mom!) the spirit was so solid I
could hardly breath. She thanked me for singing even though I didn't
know what I was saying. I didn't need to. Hector has been on fire! He
knows what he needs to do to focus on the savior and come closer to
I don't know if I've raved enough about Sister 'Eukaliti. I love her
so much. Right now, she's jumping around the room because she found
out her dad is the new Ward Mission leader back in Tonga. We've really
gotten into the swing of things and I love it.
We are both SO pumped for this new transfer.
Easter week!
This Thursday, ponder on the sacrifice Christ made in Gethsemane.
Friday, his death on the cross.
Lastly, for this Easter Sunday, rejoice! The tomb is empty, he lives!
Because he lives... Fill in the blank.
I love you all! Happy Easter!
-Sister Carlson
Sister Stewart

Our bungalow

Sister San Diego

Sister Eukaliti

Sister San Diego

Today for P-day we're going to sunset cliffs! Zone fire. Excited? Yes.
We're hurriedly getting ready to prepare.
I'm just going to jump into the best part:
ZONE CONFERENCE AT CAMP WILDWOOD! I can literally mark that as one of
the best days of my life ha! Imagine it, all my favorite missionaries
in one place at one time. It. Was. FANTASTIC!
Growing up, my most memorable spiritual experiences happened up at
girls camp. Close to god's creations and close to the people I love.
Coincidence I had yet another life changing experience up in nature? I
think NOT!
At the start of the conference, President discussed Gethsemane. The
olive press. As time pressed forward, discovery! We were surrounded by
Olive Trees. The spirit was.. Without words to describe. At one point,
president asked us to turn to our companion and tell them our favorite
thing about Jesus Christ. Sister 'Eukaliti's testimony will be
something I never forget. She looked me square in the eye and said "my
testimony of the savior is simple. He lives." The rest I'll keep, but
Sister E sometimes.. It's like she's straight out of the Book of
Mormon. I called her a spiritual Guru the other day and she didn't
know what I was talking about.
I told Sister E that my favorite thing about Jesus Christ is that he's
my older brother. I have an older brother named Jacob Wayne whom I
love and admire. He's one of the huge reasons I'm even on a mission. I
myself am an older sibling to Julianna Carlson! BOO!
Now, I've gone through a lot of physical pain, so much so that in my
mind, it scared me to think that dying might just be easier. But in
life, sometimes the mental, the emotional pain surpasses anything one
can feel physically.
If my little sister, Julianna Carlson, were to go through ANYTHING
close to my burdens in life, I would run to her side. I would be RIGHT
there with her. Because I know what it was like.
Even then. I cannot fully understand Boo's trails she has in life, but
there is someone who can. And he IS running to you. His hands are
stretched out to you. Always.
“And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and
temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled
which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his
And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death
which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities,
that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that
he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according
to their infirmities” (Alma 7:11–12).
All he asks of us is our heart :)
I use Julianna as an example but I feel that way about any of my
family, Jenny, mom, dad. I'm not counting you out! I love you all!
Sorry. Woof. Deep.
But yes. Zone conference though. We hiked up to this huge cross
carrying rocks (burdens) to lay at the foot of the savior. Then, we
could rest, lay our burdens down. Think, pray, ponder.
The entire hike I was actually following my trainer, Sister Starr. I
started getting emotional yet again as I pondered the fact that I have
literally been following her my entire mission. As she went before me,
sometimes her stepping stones weren't as solid as she may have thought
and she would slide. I then could see the example she was before me
and avoid certain paths and learn from her mistakes. She was the
savior. He went before me as someone for me to follow. To help me. To
show me the way. Thanks Sister Starr. Love you.
K. I just did it again. Deeeeeep.
The team building activities were incredibly fun. Sister Wilson
though... Prime. I learned so much. The training was excellent and I
was beaming with pride as Sisters Whitcomb and Stewart taught us he
Hm. As I'm sitting here thinking about all these people I've grown to
love so much, I just can't take it! My heart is SO FULL of love. At
the top of the mountain, near the cross, I looked around me at all the
missionaries and I again became overwhelmed with this admiration. I
thought of all those I've met the past 9 months, investigators, less
active members, apostles, fellow missionaries, and just cried. I
couldn't do anything else but pray and thank my God for calling me
here to the California San Diego Mission. My Gethsemane.
Guess who did it again? Me. Sorry ha!
President Schmitt emailed me last week and told me to stop apologizing
for sharing miracles. So.. Sorry but not sorry HA!
Rest of the week.
Rick's baptism was awesome. That man!
Sunday was great. GREG AND ASHLEY ARE BOTH ON FIRE! Coming to church,
participating, going to activities. I love em to death.
Westin met with our Bishop after having set a date for baptism and it
was exactly what he needed. Bishop's wife story is very similar to
Westin's so it was perfect.
Anything else happen?.. Hmm
Oh ha, there was this cool moment when we were very much an answer to
someone's immediate prayer. Long story short, we came at the right
time, right place for someone who was low enough  to take their own
life. Emotions can't describe. The spirit is real people. It was
actually an answer to a child's prayer. She was scared for her mom.
All is well though now :)
Everyone! Good luck! Live long! Keep on Keepin on! Play hard! Pray hard!
-Sister Carlson
P.S. All the good pics are on my camera! Ah! I'll see if there's
anytime today to share the love.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sister San Diego

First and foremost. I roundhouse kicked a soccer ball as hard as I
could. Soon after leaving the bridge of my foot, the ball made contact
with a light in the gym. It exploded.
Woopsie poopsie.
Sisters Pilkington and Cortello's laugh echoed through the halls of
the church for a solid 5 minutes.
But hey,
All is well.

All is well. I've gotten into the habit of saying this. All. The. Time.
Sister E says it now too.
But, All is well.
Speaking of Sister Cortello, guess who was lucky enough to go on
exchanges with her this week!?! ME! Ah! It was a fantastic day full of
miracles. We were able to apply the things we learned in the training
(MTE) earlier that day and it made a world of a difference.
Have I talked about G S before? The tough man who cried
when we handed him a restoration pamphlet? Well... We taught him again
and more tears were shed. We knelt down then and there on the concrete
after having invited him to be baptized. Moments like these. You live
I learned so much from Sister Cortello and we basically laughed the
day away. Missionary work=pure joy.
She's fantastic!
As a mission, we've decided to set aside an hour of the day to
strictly street contact. We've been seeing miracles :)
This last week's miracles was J.
He was just sitting alone in a parking lot on his longboard listening
to music. We walked over, taught the restoration, invited him to
church, then invited him to be baptized. He was pretty open and we've
kept in contact! J though.
More miracles? Yes.
After dinner one day... We had set aside a time and a place to power
hour it around this specific complex. While driving down the street, I
just knew that we needed to be somewhere else. I told sister E. She
said "I know". So I turned right instead of left and the face of a man
named Daniel popped into my head. As a companionship, we decided to
courageously follow EVERY promoting of the spirit, no matter how
We drove all the way across town to try this potential we had met a
few weeks prior.
HE WAS HOME! And while Sister E followed up with him to see if he had
read in the BoM and or the restoration pamphlet, I looked down stairs.
Members lived below him. I asked D if he would be up for a field
trip. We went down stairs, knocked on the Mahalonah's door and had
Shawne, the father and husband of this specific household, bare his
testimony to D. The spirit was there. We taught in their home and
now Daniel is excited and ready to learn more and get baptized when he
knows what we are sharing is true. D though.
Another Miracle? What? Yes.
So we have this recent convert, G, who has a less active brother,
S, who had a friend over when we went to go see him. His
friend's name was B. We invited him outside to listen in on our
message we had for Spencer (but really... We just switched to the
restoration). We taught. Brandon doesn't know if there is a God. We
testified. S SHARED HIS EXPERIENCE OF BAPTISM! (Not expected)
We invited B to be baptized. He wasn't too sure but liked it
when we told him he joined the club ha! B though.
MEETINGS MEETINGS MEETING! Not only did we have MTE's (oh yes, and I
sang come thou fount at it per President's request) this last week at
district meeting, Stake Conference, AND MLC (mission leadership
Woof. My brain feels fried but I love it. And it doesn't stop there!
We have Zone conference in a few days up at camp Wildwood. We're going
hiking. What? I know. I'm so excited. Sister E has never gone hiking
before. Sister Wilson invited her to repent.
It's going to be fun :)
We'll be going back to Sister E's old area this week for a baptism!
His name is Rick, she's so excited it's cute.
I love Sister 'Eukaliti so much. My heart. May burst. I love all the
people I've met while on the mission. Ah! The thought of going hiking
with half of them makes me giddy. But... I heard it might be a silent
hike. Flabbergasted.
Anything else important happen this week?
Oh! We dropped M. At the temple.
He needed a break. Valissa came and jammed out after the lesson on the
drive home to keep things somewhat not awkward. Valissa though :)
So much love for her.
Love love love love love. Missions though.
Have a good one :)
-Sister Carlson