Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sister Florida

We had trade offs this week! I went with Sister Heckel to Hendrix Ward
and Sister Blotter came to be with Sister Chamberlain. Miracles
happened in mandarin. They got five other lessons in one night and
found a bunch of people. Unfortunately, no such miracles at Hendrix.
All of their appointments fell through and we spent a lot of time at
the car dealership cause one of their tires blew up. We spent a lot of
time talking at night. It's been 5 months since I last saw her!! We
were up talking till 1 am. :) I was so tired.

Gators dropping off the face of the Earth. No one is calling us back! Sad week.

K... This guy who couldn't go on a missy for health reasons is
trying his very best to spend speedy moment with missionaries as

Sister Hale is a wonderful awesome lady who made me gluten free bread
this week! I love members.

Even though none of our gators want to come to church, we did find a a
YSA named Amanda who we took to the YSA Branch.

Our bikes died this week. Between the four of us sisters we got three
flat tires. I don't know what it is. Nail gremlins are following us
around. None of us are scouts like Sister Van Wagoner, so a wonderful
member named Lawrence Aniel helped us fixed them. And just in time!
Sister Chamberlain and I are probably going to have to bike for the
rest of the month because we blew so many miles yesterday. We only
have 400 for the whole month!

The reason we blew so many miles is because Sister Chamberlain has
been getting a lot of migraines. She got a lot of them earlier in her
mission and almost had to go home. The people mission medical sent her
to gave her every flavor of pain medication known to man, and over
dosed her a couple of times. Finally, she went to a chiropractor, who
felt her neck for a few seconds, said her axis (C2) was way off,
cracked it back into place and POOF! The headache was gone. It was a
similar experience last night. Brother Muffet is a way good
chiropractor man in Sis Chamberlains last area (JAX Beaches) who does
missionaries for free. She's had a continual headache ranging from 3-7
on her pain scale all week until we saw him. Yay! I'm so happy. She's
way awesome and nice. We stopped by a view of the Atlantic Ocean
before heading back (not that you could see much at 9:30 at night) and
she secretly grabbed me a handful of sand for me as a souvenir. I've
been here for so long and I still She also gave me some shells! My

Got to go. Brother Besset just called and asked me to talk on Sunday...yay!

Love, Sister Carlson

Saw this truck on the way to JAX beaches:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Carlson's Favorite Cuisine

I haven't posted a recipe since last fall. Life has been way busy for me so I have prepared food with just the basics in our home. Mashed potatoes almost every Sunday, enchiladas weekly, soups, and pizza made on pita bread. Easy, simple and yummy. Of course I always try and serve veggies with my meals.

Today Jewels reminded me that she really liked the black bean veggie burger's I made last summer. I like to make a double batch so I can freeze the burger's and then my girls can make a meal themselves. The nice thing is if their friends are over during meal time black bean burgers are cheap and delicious as well! Don't forget to wrap separately with plastic wrap or they'll fall apart.

I basically got part of the recipe on line but I always like to read the comments from others so I can figure out my own style and taste. Also, you can use any legume with this recipe which is nice.

2 cans of black beans
1/2 a bell pepper
1/2 med zucchini (seeds scooped out)
1/2 onion
1/2 cup oats
1 cup rice
1 package of Ritz crackers
2 cloves garlic
2 eggs
1 Tbsp cumin
1 Tbsp chili powder
1 Tbsp hot sauce
2 Tbsp onion powder
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven at 375.
Drain beans and mash in food processor. Set aside in a large separate bowl.
Mix eggs and spices all together in a small bowl.
Cut veggies in cubes and pulse in food processor.
Add egg mix, crackers, rice and oats and pulse four our five times until all is mixed well.
Empty into mashed black beans and mix well by hand.

Hopefully the mix has turned out sticky and thick but holds together. Place on cookie sheet that has been greased with olive oil. Shape into patties and place in oven for fifteen minutes. Cool off for five minutes and flip over so they can bake for ten more minutes. This recipe makes fourteen good size patties. At the store it cost almost $8.00 for six veggie patties. Outrages!

They may look dry but they are moist in the middle and very good! Jewels and Henny Penny like avocado, lettuce and a little cheese on their burger.

PS  Great food storage meal and rice makes the burgers a complete protein!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun ladies I get to work with at school.

We even like to get together away from school.

Friday, July 18, 2014

July 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Memoir from Me

I really liked this comment from a blog I read today. It is from a mom named Andrea.
I think wanting to ordain women is the most anti-feminist, anti-women stance I've ever heard in my life. It negates all the doctrine about how incredible and powerful and complete women are. It implies that Eve was lesser somehow than Adam or that Emma was lesser than Joseph because they didn't hold a certain type of priesthood. Ridiculous. We are all endowed with priesthood power in the temple and have equal access to all privileges and blessings. The family is the nucleus of the church--not the other way around.

I'm tired of women telling me that I'm lesser because I don't have the priesthood. Phooey. I'm also tired of women acting like priesthood responsibilities somehow define service in the world. Again, phooey. I'm also tired of women apologizing for motherhood as though it only applies to women with children. Eve was the mother of all living before she was capable of having children. Motherhood defines our natures--not our callings.

Can we please get past the view of equality as sameness and really claim the power we have as women now and always have. Eve had the same saving power as Adam--without holding the same callings in the priesthood. That hasn't changed. Our inability to grasp our own amazingness is sad.

Another inspiring comment from a mom named Melissa.

I grew up in a small-part member family and in the south, no less where I was the one who usually held the different beliefs than everyone else, so I totally believe in being respectful of other's beliefs. I had to learn to stand up for the church when I was the only one and it isn't easy. So I don't want to sound judgmental at all, but I do wish to express why I feel differently on this issue.

I believe as women we are born with intuition, an inclination to nurture, and a tenderness that is different to that of our brothers. As women we bear and raise our own and even other's children. We are usually the ones to take care of aged parents. We take meals to neighbors, write a letter or card, remember birthdays, and cry or mourn with those that mourn. I believe these are strengths! To build and support one another is one of the things our Father in Heaven loves about us and needs from us!

I believe that the priesthood is given to MEN as THEIR opportunity to serve. They can't use the priesthood on themselves- only to bless others and we all are entitled to the blessings! I don't think that men having the priesthood makes us unequal to them. I believe without the priesthood, they would be UNEQUAL to us. :)

We naturally serve and sometimes the men need the nudge. Our Heavenly Father gave them the priesthood as a responsibility.

I don't need the priesthood because I know my role is divine just how it is and honestly I could use a little less responsibility on my plate (not more) if ya know what I mean! :)

Lots of love from one sister to another. <3

A comment by Gina.
My four-year-old daughter routinely complains, "That's not enough!" when I pour her cereal in the mornings. I usually respond by saying, "When you have finished that, then you can have more." And she almost never finishes what I first give her. That's kind of how I see the OW movement. Are we complaining that we don't have enough, rather than thanking God for what we do have? Have we reached our potential so quickly that we can no longer develop the gifts we already have? Have we run out of ways to serve? I personally see this public quest for so-called equality as an unfortunate distraction from pressing work in our homes and communities; work that will keep us together as families and communities. We have been given so many opportunities as women, both in the church and out of the church. Just think about the opportunities we have for education, employment, public service, financial independence (and the list goes on), when there are women in some countries who are not even allowed to go to school or drive a car. Let's use our opportunities to influence the world for good, instead of trying to convince the world that we have it so hard.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Helloooo Everyone!!!
Before I start, I would like to wish my mommy a happy late-birthday.
We're at the Hendrix Ave. Building for Zone P-Day and Sister Bower
(she's in the same car share as me and lives one floor beneath us) shot
a basketball so hard the backboard cracked! Very good job. We're going
to be playing human fooseball in a few minutes.
Last Monday we went to President's house for FHE! A gator named M
drove us. President taught about temple and Family History work. There
are three things that President has focused on his mission so far. The
BoM, Family history, and biking. Anyway. M is going deaf and asked
for a Priesthood blessing after everyone left. During the lesson she
couldn't hear all that much, but she told us that during the blessing,
her ears were unstop pied and she could hear the whole thing!!
We set three Baptismal dates with separate people this week, but none
of them came to church :( Interestingly, two of our bap dates are
former/current Jehova's Witness investigators.
K is crazy prepared. I might have mentioned her in my last
letter. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week with a member
who, the day previous, gave us a little laminated PoS cards. We have
used those PoS cards a billion times since then. K has had MANY
dreams and experiences that have basically taught her what the PoS was
before we even talked to her. Now it's just getting her to church.
L is currently being taught on Wednesdays by Jehova's Witnesses.
We went over the Plan of Salvation with her too. We talked about the
144,000 and what we believe about them. Everyone can make it to the
Celestial Kingdom if they really want to! It was kind of a make it or
break it lesson with her. I think the Plan of Salvation lesson hooked
her, and she responded in kind when we invited her to be baptized.
Sister Chamberlain expected her to say "probably not" but she just
ended on the probably!
We got a lot of Facebook lessons and work done this week! I feel like
I'm finally getting how to work it. Of course.
We've got to go!

Gluten Free Cafe

Love, Sister Carlson

Monday, July 7, 2014

We are Bandies

Jewels first 4th of July Parade with Provo High Band 2014

Provo High encourages eighth graders from Dixon Middle school to march in parades.

Jessie in Provo's 4th of July parade 2013.

Winter Percussion, State Champions 2013. Jess is third row from top holding a certificate.

Started with color guard for two years.
Jen warming up for 4th of July Provo Children's Parade.

Jake and Jen right before Provo's 4th of July parade. I can't remember what year it was. When they marched with Provo High they did all the parades in Utah Valley. Orem, Pleasant Grove, Springville and Lehi.  By the time Provo's Grand Parade came around we were pretty tired! Now marching band only does two parades. Happy day! When it came to go to band camp in August we would usually travel some where in Utah and set up camp.  Volunteer mom's would do the cooking which included me.

Times have changed and the bandies just sleep in their own beds at night and spend band camp at Provo High School every August.  Much better arrangements!

Five more years to go!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mia Shilom part 2

I just burned some of the french toast, had to start over again. This year was much easier for me when it came to cooking.  Last year I went home exhausted!!

I owe all my camp cooking skills to this great lady, Jeri. We have become great friends due to girls camp.

The little animal critters were always around being fed.

The Rhodes rolls got a little over heated. This is an awesome picture Tamra took.

Jeri made her famous Buttermilk Syrup that she got from Sister Lamb at camp years ago.  When she added the baking soda the syrup over flowed onto the dirt.  One of the critter's started drinking the wonderful liquid sugar and eventually just laid in it, drunk from happiness.

I couldn't show the photo due to complications. Oh well.

Working together activity.

 I had to show this photo because the leader on the far left also went to camp with us.  I couldn't find any pictures of her except one small profile. Her name is Coral and she brought her lovely granddaughter Bailey. We shared the same cabin and had a wonderful time! I sure have grown to love these girls and leaders.

One of the favorite activities every year!

Great memories!

Jen and Jess Mia Shilom 2010

Jess with her Young Women's group.
They grow up too fast!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

Awesome group of leaders and young women from the Lakeside 6th Ward. 

Tamra Ockey             Kristen Thomas              Natalie Parke

Beautiful Mia Shalom

Hanna, Jewels and   Abbie.
Rachel Estrada is looking the other way.

Mom and daughter. The mom is our great photographer and she turned forty on the third day of camp.

Me and Jewels

The small one got baptized after camp.  It was great. 

 Mine and Jeri's outside kitchen.

Down Time

 Jewels looking at herself while she's helping clean the biffy.

We also celebrated Eliza's birthday at camp.

Last day was the fun skit!

In the end it was all worth it. Although, next year I'm taking Tylenol PM.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sister Florida

We had a crazy time last p-day tying up loose ends and closing the
area. Hopefully all of our gators in Normandy will be ok... :( There
were a lot of missionaries that unexpectedly needed to go home, so
President needed to do a lot of last minute changes.
I have now spent a little more than half a week in Mandarin 2nd Ward!
It's kind of weird. The AP's called us the other day, and I started
freaking out inside when I saw that they were calling, but when Sister
C answered, turns out they just wanted to give us a
referral! A lady and her mom, practically asking to join. M and
her mom, D, are great! M's first question when she saw us
was about John Smith and his Golden Dinnerware. Once we got that all
clear, she told us that she really wants what her Mormon friends have
-a close relationship with God and with their families. I love good
examples! She came across some anti online after we left, bus she says
she still wants to see us tomorrow. Very good for one of the first
lessons teaching with Sister C! We're gonna have a good
transfer. Cool thing, right after we left that lesson, we go outside
and there's a double rainbow!!

My new companions name is Sister A C. She's from
Murray, Utah. She went to High School with David Archuleta. She is
very much into drama and was captain of the improv team at Murray
High, and did improv at Snow. She's very quirky and nerdy, and knows
what "Avatar: the Last Airbender" is!! NOBODY knew what it was in my
last area. Goodness.
It is so weird to be in the "heart" of the mission. We pass by the
mission office all the time! Apparently sometimes we'll help out there
and do filing. We call the Assistants all the time to ask directions.
Crazy. Cool plus about Mandarin Zone, Sister H is my Sister
Training Leader! She can help me with my dietary issues. Also, the 2nd
Counselor in the Bishopric and his wife are in the Law of Chastity

You're probably wondering about the title of my email. I feel that it
describes this area very well. TONS of rich people, and TONS of them
seem to be affected by drugs. Maybe they don't personally do them, but
family aren't all making the right decisions. I haven't met many
people yet, so I might be wrong, but this has been my first
I need to worry less about if I'm being guided by the Spirit. The
first couple of days being with Sister C I was getting a
little troubled about how much time we were spending talking. We were
spending a LOT of time talking. Then yesterday something happened that
showed why that needed to happen. Because she was able to feel
comfortable with me so fast, she could tell be about some of the
concerns and troubles she's been feeling. Her only two companions so
far in the mission have been...interesting. We talked a lot about
that, and how she's doing fine. She's been feeling bad about some
things that have happened, and weirdly I've had similar experiences so
I could talk to her about them. The poor girl. She's a fantastic
missionary! She's really good with the phone and about calling people.
We were in a lesson with a less active man named Brother Thomas. He
was talking about the reasons he thinks the U.S. isn't protected by
the hand of God anymore. While he was talking about the Founding
Fathers, I was reminded of the vision of them in the St George Temple.
I flipped out my iPad and showed him the introduction video on
Temples, but for some reason I felt that I shouldn't talk about the
vision and how my train if thought got to he video. After the video, I
felt kind of awkward because I had no idea why I did that. Afterwards,
Sister Chamberlain told me that it was an amazing lesson! She told me
that he knows next to nothing about the church anymore and mentioning
the vision would probably just result in confusion and loss of control
in the lesson. She said that the last time they were there he was
asking a lot of questions about the temple, and that the video
probably answered several of them! He didn't once mention the temple
in our discussion with him until after I showed the video! Crazy! Hoy
Ghost is real y'all.
Anyway. Got to get going.
Love y'all!
~Sister Carlson