Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sister San Diego

We have two new roomies! Sister Seo ("Saw") from Korea and Sister
Weidmann ("Vide-min") from Switzerland!
Sister Saedan and I were studying Wednesday morning when we received a
phone call from the AP's. They wanted sister Saedan to play the
mission song for Transfer Meeting. We told them we weren't being
transferred... but they told us to come anyway! SO WE DID! Turns out
the two new sisters both didn't have a Tiwi card (to drive). Sister
Weidmann had JUST arrived here from the Temple Square mission, and had
a few driving papers to fill out. SO! We were their wheels for the day.
These Sister's are amazing! I can't imagine White Washing an area! But
they are doing great! Sister Seo reminds me a lot of Heidi haha! She's
super nice, funny, and will laugh at pretty much anything. She is the
kindest person I have ever met... THEN THERE'S SISTER WEIDMANN!!! She
beats me up everynight. Juuuuust kidding but man! he has this
get'r'done attitude! It dawned on me a few days ago that I was the
only American in the household now... I'm out numbered! It's so cool
to have 8 languages going on in the apartment (Because Sister Weidmann
knows a million). IT'S BEEN SO MUCH FUN!!! :D AH!
This morning we went to the temple with le new household  and Sister
Cava with her new companion, sister Leva (Sister Leva came out with
me! WO). It was sooooo nice. Going to the temple is the biggest
blessing in the entire universe!!! AND! We get see the temple everyday
it seems :)  A few days ago, we were street contacting near the
temple, and this guy starts talking with us when  suddenly he just
starts ripping it about Joseph Smith  and how God is racist etc etc...
It's the first time I've had it happen to me on my mission. I just
smiled and tried answering all his questions (but really he didn't let
us). It was very apparent how much he drove away the spirit. But
afterwards I just laughed and realized how much of a testimony builder
it was to me. THIS CHURCH IS SO  TRUE!!!!!!
We had another amazing lesson with E. This time we brought the
new YSA  sisters with us and passed him off.. It was sad but I hope to
be able to go to his baptism next month :)
Bishop,  just to introduce him and it went really well. HA! That just
reminded me that Bishop lost his voice practicing for a musical number
this Sunday. I'm actually really excited because he just doesn't seem
like the musical type :) Hopefully his voice heals in time!
Well.. Again not much time but we had a great week! It feels like the
last P-day was two days ago... WHAT IS WITH TIME!!!!
Love you all :)  Hope school is the
-Sister Carlson

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sister San Diego

Ohio family!

So much to type, so little time! It's transfer calling day! A few minutes ago, we learned that Sister Saedan and I will be the same for this next transfer (I GET TO KILL HER!!! YAY) BUT! Our YSA sisters are being white washed! Sister Smith will be going home tomorrow (she's our mini missionary) and sister Cava doesn't know where she's going! SO! We don't know if we're getting new roomates.. or a new appartment... or WHAT! It's exciting! But sad too... I'm going to miss those two like ya'll wouldn't believe! I will probably be crying tonight..

HAHA! I forgot to mention that the first time I busted out the GPS, I changed the voice setting to the my little pony "flutter shy" option... SISTER SAEDAN COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. It was the best :)

Emmm, let's start with yesterday! We had lunch with Elvis! We met Brother P at the Asian market and lo n' behold.. He was in full costume!!! I could not quit smiling haha! After I said a blessing on the food, he looked straight at me and said "you are REAL! That prayer was from your soul!" The lunch itself was really good Chinese food, but the fun part was him wanting to share with us what WE could share with other people from the New Testament. I might have mentioned him in one of my earlier emails (the fact the he's a scriptural genius). It was so funny! At the end of the meal/lesson I asked him if we could leave him with a prayer and BAM! He clapped his hands, bowed his head and started his prayer with "Heavenly father, Master of the universe!"  aaaahhh man.. made my entire week! XD

Yesterday we also had my first FHE since I've been on my mission. The Vargas' (EHEM! They're on the District!! ;) haha!) hold it weekly for less active/ single people in le ward. The Vargas' have been out of town since I first arrived to the area but now they're back and in business! I've met a few other people that I've seen on thee District but not much. It's still super fun though! Brother Vargas is just like he is in the video's "That's the spirit Ming! You're starting to recognize the spirit!" We had a lesson 2 weeks ago at their home with one of our investigators and he pretty much said the same thing and I was like... wooooooooooow ;)

Sunday was fun! I was able to sing.. twice! The Mission President's Fireside was amazing and we introduced Kate to both President and his wife. There was a big turn out! Those meetings are so strong. And singing in a missionary choir is the! I'll miss getting the chance to go to so many with Sister Saedan leaving :/

Friday was departure activities! Sister Smith was gone the entire day doing whatever missionaries do when they're leaving. Sister Cava joined Sister Saedan and I for the day and it was exciting! We got to leave our area (YSA's area is a lot bigger than ours) so that was neat. AAAAHHHH!!! We were also able to go to one of Sister Cava's dinner appointments and I was able to eat Peruvian food!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS I'M IN LOVE! It was seriously one of the yummiest meals I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Peruvian food has bumped itself right up to Mexican food on my chart of favorite yum yums.

Thursday we actually finished weekly planning ON that day... has never happened before!

We were able to go serve a woman last week on Wednesday with Elder Byers and Elder Browne! I had a lot of fun and took a video of this little statue shaking it's hips... I thought it was really funny.. I'm not sure why.

SISTER CASH! She fed us las Tuesday and I actually took the time to take (...took the time to take....... heh) some pictures of the fun things inside of her house! She's so much fun! And she has a million humming birds in her backyard. She's this women in her 70's with the heart of a 10 year old :) She just loves all things fantasy ^__^

Well, have fun going back to school!!!!! (Those of you who are) Tell me all about it! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUUUUCH!

-Sister Carlson

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sister San Diego

Hola! This week was crazy! (I think I'm coming to accept that every
week is going to be crazy...) haha :)
I'll start with MTE's! (Missionary Training Exchange) Guess who was my
companion for the day?!? SISTER STARR!!!! Haha she came back with me
to our area while Sister Saedan went with Sister Wilson to Pawee. So
many cool things happened that day! It started off with the actual
meeting where testimonies were shared, lessons were given, and all the
missionaries practiced!! Sister Starr and I were able to teach a less
active woman who no one has ever seen before, invite another one of
our investigators to be baptized, and sing to a woman in our ward
struggling with depression. The singing was my favorite part..
everyone felt the spirit so strongly and we even got her husband to
start crying (not a member). She never came down the stairs to see
us.. But when Roger (her husband) was about to close the door on us
again, I felt impressed to ask him if we could sing a hymn to her just
at the door step.

Sister Pilkington replaced Sister Smith for the day in the YSA ward so
that night, we had a party getting to know her ;)
TRANSFERS ARE NEXT WEEK! I have a feeling that I'm going to kill
Sister Saedan! HIYA! But we shall see. We might be picking up a sister
to form another trio. I didn't think too much about it, but sister
Saedan was like.. "are you excited to lead this area
now?"......................................................... I guess
I am. Just kind of have to go with the floooooow. Really glad I have
that GPS now! I would have been so lost haaaa!
This week at church Sister Saedan and I gave a little mini talk in
sacrament meeting about the upcoming Mission President's Fireside! It
will finally be in our area so I'll know some of the people that
come!! We also taught YW's that day... AND I REALLY ENJOYED IT! I
realized how much I missed mutual etc. Today we were at the institute
for a loooong time auditioning for musical numbers.. We only sang one
song but Sister Saedan was asked to play for everyone else pretty
much. I sort of felt bad for her because she ever got a break but she
was totally willing to help.
I don't have too much time today again!!! AAAAHHH! But I love you all
:) I can't believe school is starting up soon for you allll ya'llllll.
I feel like it just got out here! Keep sending all the fun stories and
-Sister Carlson

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Year Later

Jen had a wonderful opportunity to go through the temple with a friend who she met in Florida last year! 

Sister Carlson and Tara

Friday, August 7, 2015

Memories from the Past

Jess and Hanna

Mia Shilom
Provo West Stake Trek 2011

Where were you during the storm of 2013

Provo, Utah Written September 2013
I finally have something to write about.  Yesterday I was out dress shopping for an up coming high school dance.  I take these adventures seriously since the dress needed to be modest and under $50.00.  While I was on my way to the University Mall I noticed two things.  BYU football traffic and dark clouds.  The clouds were not only dark they were moving faster than usual which meant only one thing, Micro Burst!

Lots of thoughts were rushing through my mind.  The first was GW and the girls were up in the mountains some where target shooting with GW’s brother.  I forgot to get details on where they were going so I started worrying.  The next thought was my lane of traffic wasn’t moving nearly as fast as the dark clouds so I knew I needed to take cover fast!  Finally my mind started remembering past micro burst storms not only in Provo but the first one I experienced as a girl hiking in the mountains in Bountiful Utah.

My brothers and I loved to spend time on the mountain right by our home when I was young.  My mom would let us spend an afternoon during the summer playing near a creek about an hours hike from our home.  This particular day the clouds were very dark and moving fast.  I remember my brother commenting that we should hurry so we could beat the clouds that were about to catch up with us.  The winds was very fast and the dirt was flying all around us getting in our eyes.  We tried to huddle down together since there was no place for refuge. The next thing I remember is my mom’s voice calling out our names.  At first we couldn’t see her but as she continued to call out our names we could see our car through all the chaos.  We ran to the car and was thankful for the rescue!

As we drove back down the hill through the rain and strong winds we noticed the roof to a new church flying in all directions.  Big trees had been up rooted and sirens could be heard through out our neighborhood.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sister San Diego

Like most P-days, this one was a million miles per second! AH! Mission life is crazy ;)

Some fun tidbits about my everyday life:

EHEM! Every night we hear fireworks going off at 8:55. It didn't occur to me until Saturday last week that it was Sea World! Our ward mission leader pointed it out and up until then... I thought there was a war going on or something... haha juuust kidding. I honestly thought people were still celebrating 4th of July though!

We live a few miles away from a military base! Or something to that nature haha. We always hear load fighter jets passing by, and big, mean looking helicopters. It's really cool! Once we were driving down the freeway, and I saw this jet flying parallel to our car when all the sudden it curved it's nose up, became perpendicular to the ground in just a few seconds, then shot right up! It was so strange yet amazing!

Our household is always a fun household :) we are constantly laughing when we are all together. It makes things bitter-sweet with Sister Smith leaving in a week. She's done serving her mini mission and it makes me so sad! She's such a fun gal! Even though she's from Orange County, she's the very opposite of someone who would normally think to have grown up in California. I love her and will miss her. Hopefully I'll get to see her soon after I return though! She will be attending BYU Provo! :D


hmmm nothing too exciting this week.. at least with lack of time i'll just go over some fun things we'll be doing THIS week! MTE's are this week! (Missionary Training Experience) So far from what I understand.. We'll be going to a morning side basically, learning things, the exchanging companions for a day haha. And guess who will be with me?!?! SISTER STARR!!!!! Haaaaaaa It's going to be fun!

My testimony of the atonement has grown soooo much over such a small period of time. While a mission is hard, and rightfully should be (if your putting in your all for other peoples salvation), it's totally worth it. I'm falling down a rocky mountain, but by the time I near the end, I hope to be a smooth, polished stone. Put your weaknesses and fears on the alter of sacrifice and let God work through you. BROKEN HEART AND A CONTRITE SPIRIT! That's all he asks of us ;)

Let me know if there is anything I can do for anyone of you :)

-Sister Carlson

P.S. I JUST GOT YOUR PACKAGES! Thank you SOOOO much :) Such a blessing
I'm going to send a few more pics then i'm off!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Memoir from Me

I can't believe it's August already. I've so enjoyed sitting under my big shady trees this season. I say they are mine even though our former neighbor Bruce across the fence planted them long ago. The poplar trees have gotten really big. My recent neighbor Lee, claims half of the trees are mine. I tell him I appreciate how cool the trees keep half of my house during the heat of the day. Plus, I mow lot's of leaves every fall.. If the wind is blowing, I open my kitchen and living room window so I can hear the beautiful rustling sound.. I'm looking forward to my new Norway Maple giving shade to our back yard someday. I love trees!

I think summer has been my least favorite season until I went back to work full time. When I was young the heat didn't bother me as much. I loved going swimming, sleeping in the back yard at night, and playing in the mountains. Now I either stay under the shade, or spend most of my time where there's air condition.  Lately I seem to pay more attention to the birds singing, the kids playing outside, and eating fresh veggies from my garden. I also like staying up till midnight (listening to beautiful music) and waking up around 8:00 in the morning.  Also, Jewels and Jen don't seem so stressed out as much, school can be very demanding at times. Speaking of school, it starts again in seventeen days. Jewels actually starts band camp early tomorrow morning and doesn't come home until four pm. This camp last for two weeks, which is a first for us.

On the whole I feel very blessed.  Every Saturday GW and I have been getting closer to finishing the bathroom.  It's looking so nice. Yesterday he patched up the big hole in the ceiling from all the water damage.  Last night we lied in bed talking about all the other projects we would like to finish throughout the year. Whats nice about it is that we are in no hurry, and we are saving a lot of money by doing things ourself.

Jake mentioned he might come over for dinner tonight. I think he's helping his new roommate move in. His old roommate from Washington got married, which is a good thing. I would like it if he would come every Sunday but his visits seem to average about every two weeks, so I won't complain. Now I think I'll write a letter to Jess. Sunday's are the best!