Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Reason to Celebrate

 Photo by Lara Hinckley

GW and I have a lot to celebrate this week.  We are so happy for the tremendous successes of our sweet Jess, and reveled in all she has accomplished as we watched her, along with the 2014 class, graduate from Provo High School.  A year ago, finishing high school appeared to be a long and difficult road ahead because of her ever enduring and seriously painful Endometriosis. Additionally, a heavy load of hard classwork stretched out endlessly before her. Jess was a normal active teenager, but also wanted to be involved in extracurricular activities such as Winter Percussion, and two choir groups. She also wanted to apply for the part-time custodian job at the school where I work so she could earn some extra money. So much to do and so little time in which to do it for our beautiful seventeen-year-old young lady.  

The persistent prescription pain pills would no longer help the imperious anguish caused by Jess' Endometriosis. She so wanted to be a pain free functioning human being, everyone does. Who wouldn't want to have a fulfilling life, despite challenges along the way? Five years ago we almost lost our Jessie because of a ruptured appendix, which didn't manifest in the usual acutely painful manner. She carries serious scar tissue from that fight for life, but that hasn't stopped her from achieving her goals. In the end, there came a point when her doctor put Jess indefinitely on birth control pills to control the cycle of pain. It has been a miraculous thing to see the change in life experience for her, functioning pain free for the fist time since her ruptured appendix. As a parent, I have tried to help our kids be as successful and happy as possible. I can't think of anything more rewarding, and fulfilling than their successes and happiness. I'm so grateful for the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  He has truly carried our sorrows and burdens. We are very humbled by the miracles that have taken place in our family. The future is a long road laid out before each of us, and Jessie will have other bridges to cross along her life pathway. Hoping, praying, helping and watching her achieve this educational mile marker has been priceless!

Ceremonies held at UVU

Party at Lagoon!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Special Day!

Hey Y'all!!
I got you letter Dad. Thank you so much!! I also got the package. Love
it! I agree about the necklace. Thanks for all the well wishes :) I
had a very good Birthday.
Friday was the best day ever. What better to do on your Birthday than
have a Baptism? Only the other Sisters knew that it was my Birthday. I
didn't want it to take away from it being K's special moment. K was so excited! 

She's the best. Very happy day! Sister McCann made me
a very nice chocolate cake. We only ate one piece each though. Gave
me some tummy problems. So we gave the rest to the Elders. Sisters
Carr and Call sticky noted our apartment! Lots of sticky notes on
Zone Conference was also amazing. We spent a lot of time on iPad
rules, the Consecrated Missionary Talk by Elder Callister, and using
Family History in our missionary work more. Very well done.
A couple of weeks ago Elder Allison & Newbold got a boars head when
they helped a member move out. Well, last week in District Meeting
they introduced it as the "baptism boar" and whoever gets a baptism
has it hang in their apartment. It is now hanging in ours. It's kind
of creepy.

This Gospel is so amazing! I read Helaman 5 again a few days ago and
it blew my mind! New things are sticking out to me all the time. The
Book of Mormon is so true!
Last night for our Ward movie night we watched Ephraims Rescue. In a
few ways it reminded me of that faith healer I met last year, but
instead with the priesthood and consecrated oil.
Got to go.
Love y'all!
~Sister Carlson

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Jen!

Twenty-two years ago Jen decided to come to this earth during the middle of a Memorial Day weekend barbecue!
We had just moved into our first home and GW was ready to serve the grilled steak to our guest. Jen couldn't wait so off to the hospital we went, dinner was never served.
That's ok, we were excited to be having our first girl!!

Sister Carlson has always wanted to serve a mission.

She really likes Disneyland,

Mexican food
Any kind of uplifting music
Good movies
Hanging out with family and friends.
Most of all, being a missionary!

We really miss our beautiful Jen.

Three more months!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sister Florida

Hey Family!
Everything is clicking into place for K's baptism! The dress fits,
the program is ready. Everything is a go! K is so solid. She could
probably teach Gospel Principles.
K said something really cute this week. We finished up teaching the
commandments Friday night and after the lesson she and Sister Webster
were talking about their dream house and car. K's dream house
consists of a giant room where her genealogical library would be. When
we asked about her favorite car, she said that it had changed
recently. Her new favorite dream car would have a bike rack on the
back of it. I asked her why, and she said "So I can help the
missionaries out!" Sister McCann and I couldn't stop smiling.
On the way home from that lesson (we had it at the church) Sister
Webster was driving us home and as we were getting into the car, we
spied someone all in black carrying something that looked like a weed
wacker. When we pulled out and drove by, we realized he was holding a
2x4  with a dead cat at the end of it. He plopped the dead cat down on
the ground next to a tree in front of the church. He looked really
sketchy so we didn't stop and ask him what he was doing.  When we came
back on Sunday morning, we found a pile of wood chips where the dead
cat was plopped. We had called bishop about it Friday night, but they
couldn't find it. We showed our Ward mission leader and he and Brother
Duling took care of it like a boss.
Yesterday at church we had a few new gators at church. Brother Brown
was bombarded with questions. One of our new gators who came was
J. She asked the question, "wait, so you have to be baptized in
this church to have the Holy Ghost?" (We were talking about the gift
of the Holy Ghost). Brother Brown responded, "So are we some big
exclusive 'Spirit Club'?" The short answer is no. No one would be able
to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ or this, his work, without highs
Holy Ghost. Joseph Smith wasn't baptized when he saw the First Vision!
We challenged the Elders to another competition! Who can get the most
compliments. I thought it was really useful when we were knocking
doors! Even when people weren't interested, it brightened their day.
We won this time! :)
Anyway. Got to go. We've been running behind. This week is Zone
Conference so we spent a lot of time cleaning the car.
Sister Carlson

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Wedding for Anne Whitney Gibson

Glowing bride 

New hubby Matthew

The brides parents.
My awesome brother Kent and his wonderful wife Catherine.

Jess, Anne, Debra and Julz

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

BYU Dancemakers

                                               Around The World And Back Again

                                     Henny Penny's first concert with Julz and the company.


Youth Temple Trips

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sister Florida

Hey family!!
It was so good to see y'all on Sunday!!! Sister McCann had a good
visit with her family, and we found out that some other missionaries
went online the same time I did. That might have contributed to the
Well, talked to y'all already about our insane goals (17 baptisms for
our zone goal and 14 baptisms for our district goal), I don't know if
I mentioned that 16 baptisms in one month is the record for our
mission. We've got this though. President and Sister Craig were at
Zone meeting when we made all these goals and I think that partially
influenced how transfers turned out. Sooo Sister McCann and I are
staying! (She and Sister Shelley will be the only companions I'll have
spent three transfers with. Sister Martinez comes up second with two
transfers, and Sisters Crowton, Pettingill, and Atkinson were all only

Basically the whole zone is staying. Only three people are being moved
out (one of them is finishing) and three people being moved in. I'm
thinking President wants to see how this goal thin works out. There
was one other time on my mission where something like this has
happened. It was my first transfer in Gainesville 1st Ward I think.
Sister Shelley and I didn't contribute to the goal (whitewash
training) but our zone reached the lucky Chinese number 16 when our
goal was 15. The reason 16 was significant to us was because of Elder
Gao. He's from China and is a really charismatic leader in the
mission. Now, whenever someone gets a baptismal date, they add to our
17 miracles!! Thanks Julie for asking about that! Goals are important.
Some other goals we've been doing is: asking everyone for referrals,
and talking to 10 people everyday independent of tracting or lessons.
With the referrals thing,
As week we challenged our Elders to see who could ask for the most
referrals. The Elders won barley at 92 invites and we got 85. It made
it more fun.

The biggest thing that happened this week was that K accepted a
baptismal date!! For...May 23rd. My birthday! She doesn't know that
though, and we'll keep it that way. It will be her special day! We had
a really solid lesson with her last week and went through the
baptismal questions with her. She answered them all correctly (giving
the disclaimer that she still questioned some things, but believed
they happened). So she has some doubts, but as we were talking, I
don't think her doubts outweigh her faith. We had a lesson yesterday
morning that I think resolved almost all of them. (She had a question
about women prophets. As I was preparing for the lesson I think I
counted 7 prophetesses in the Bible. We talked about the Spiritual
Gift of Prophecy and that resolved it for her. There's a difference
between revelation and priesthood keys.)
We were asking around the Ward counsel how we might find baptismal
clothes for her in time and Sister Robison (the Relief Society
President) called us over yesterday to look at something she had. It
was her white temple dress! She's not that big of a person, and she
was planning on getting one that fit her better. After seeing it I
could tell why. It looked good on her, but it is that old style that's
really billowy. Hopefully K will fit. Right there in front of us
Sister Robison cut the wrist cuffs off! (That's the only part that
fitted her tightly). Now she has to get a new dress!
The centipede infestation is still going strong. They've sprayed three
times already, but it doesn't seem to work. They're inside our walls
and are multiplying themselves. We crank the AC really high and put
tape where the carpet and wall meets and anywhere else they find
cracks to crawl out of. Poor Sister McCann. She gets really stressed
out by them. Last nigh was really bad. Our toilet is starting to have
problems flushing since we've been flushing them so often. I actually
prefer this plague than roaches. They try to stay out of your way,
don't get in your food, and are really slow. They are creepy though.
Anyway. Got to wrap this up! 
Love ya!
~Sister Carlson

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Sister Florida

Hey y'all!
Sorry I'm getting this to you late. We did bowling today.
Happy Mother's Day!!! We'll probably be doing calls at 7pm next Sunday
(our time). So...4pm for y'all? Yay!!! I wanna see Jessie's story
telling skills. This will be the last time I'll see you before coming
home. Just a reminder that next week is transfer week so emails and
stuff will be Tuesday. I got your letter dad!! Thanks! I love you!! :D
Favor from Jessie: I finished the one journal, do you remember our
conversation on that? If you could send me the "next one" (you pick)
that'd be great! In the meantime I'll write in my study journal. This
next one I'll try to finish quicker.
So mom asked me about the weather. It was overcast and rainy off and
on through this whole week. Apparently the Governor declared a state
of emergency for Southern Florida (the week before the temple
dedication). We just got a steady stream of rain that cooled
everything off. It was really nice. It was our week with the bikes,
but we seemed to manage to beg rides everywhere. looks more and more like gluten. Had a burger the other
day... :( no good.
Tuesday was trade offs with Sister Ashcraft in Whitehouse Ward!! I'm
reminded why I wouldn't want to go there. The iron in their water
makes it smell like rotten eggs :p. All their whites have turned
slightly orange, including Sister Ashcraft's hair. We had FHE at their
Bishops house with three recent converts and three investigators. It
was really fun!
Wednesday Sister McCann received a Florida Drivers License! Remember
her wallet w as lost? There is a black hole somewhere in our car.
We've lost the phone, her wallet, and now the card keys to our
complex!! (Not that we need them - the gates are broken and don't
close anymore). She couldn't get another one from her state cause
California requires you be present when you renew it. Now she's a
Thursday we had one of the most Spiritual District meetings
ever!!!!!!! Sister Carr set the tone taking her comments from the
General Conference talk "your four minutes". We ended up setting a
baptismal goal for the month of May for 14!! Really high for our area.
It was a really intense experience.
Friday we helped paint a house in the rain. It was outside, but the
walls were under the roof area so they weren't wet... It was fun!
Saturday we had a lesson with a Jamaican couple! I don't know if
they'll go anywhere, but their accents were really cool. There are a
lot of people from the Caribbean up here. Sister McCann was sick that
day so we didn't get too much else done.
Sunday was amazing!! There was a little investigator Sunday school
class at the Whitehouse Chapel instead of normal church because of the
dedication. K was originally not planning on going, but then she
called us the night before and changed her mind. We watched "Finding
Faith in Christ" and had a little testimony meeting afterward. It was
interesting how often the theme of Faith came up this week, especially
with this baptismal goal. K was the only person who wasn't a
missionary there.
The Temple Dedication was amazing! Because of the Sunday School class,
most of the missionaries went to the third session at 3pm. We lucked
out! Elder Christofferson AND president Uchdorf spoke. I think he only
spoke at the third one. (I did hear that the First Presidency's
Executive Secretary spoke at the second session though, that sounded
interesting). Before starting his talk, President Uchdorf commented on
people who fell asleep in church. He said it was the most healthy
sleep you can get! Church sleep! Very peaceful! He was really funny. I
wonder if any of my Gainesville people got to watch it.
Anyway. Got to get going. Still need to wash the car.

Talk to you soon!!
~Sister Carlson

Sister Florida

Hey y'all!
Today for p-day we had a JAX West Sisters day, so we went to a park and
had a little nature walk. We jammed everything in the morning so we
could be done before we got there. It's really hot today. Broke the
triple digits. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the summer. Last year
at the same time it was really nice. It's April for crying out loud!
Tuesday we saw our cop friend N again! Don't remember if I told
y'all about him. He is a less active guy who lives in Mandarin
(central Jacksonville) but works in our area. He flagged us down with
his lights and said hi. We sent him the "Because of Him" Easter video
(which now has more than five million views if I understand
correctly). He said when he was watching it, his radio didn't go off
once! Little miracle there.
Painted a house on Wednesday!! Sister Martinez and her old companion
used to live with a member in our Ward. They moved out and into the
apartment we live in just before I came into Normandy. Interesting
situation. They're trying to start a daycare now, but need to paint
their house first before the do that. It would have been more fun if
it weren't so hot outside.
Thursday we got called out in District Meeting. We were at the part
where Elder Shelton asked if anyone had any questions about how to
help their investigators. Dead silence. So of course, "Sister Carlson
and Sister McCann, what questions do you have?" We weren't planning on
asking any, but in the situation where you have to say something we
asked about how to help K. She's keeping all her commitments and
studying a lot, but the process just seems a little longer for her (I
think we started teaching her in November). We got some really good
feedback that was really helpful. I still hate getting called out
though. After we had this really nice teriyaki chicken lunch at a
members house. Super healthy, and I could eat it!! There's so much
stuff you can't eat on this diet thing. Gluten and dairy encompasses a
lot of things. :p After lunch, we helped K moving boxes of her
stuff into storage.
Had a super good lesson with K on Friday! We used the advice that
was given in district meeting and asked Kati to fast and pray about a
date when she would feel ready to be baptized. (This next Sunday is
fast and testimony meeting because of the Temple Dedication next
week). She accepted! We talked about the Brother of Jared and how God
let him figure out things on his own sometimes. We also read from
Elder Perry's conference talk citing the part where he talks about how
the driver will only tug on the reigns if the horse is going in the
wrong direction. She said that she believes everything we've taught
her, her hold up was that she felt like she want being 'pulled' by the
Holy Ghost to be baptized. It was a really powerful lesson. Sister
McCann and I are getting better and better at teaching together.

Friday night we went to the Normandy Young Woman's Spaghetti Fund
Raiser Dinner. The YW raised 1,700$ for Girls Camp in a single night.
Nice. We had to bring our own rice noodles (no gluten), but everything
was very delicious. They had a silent auction and a vocal auction
where they sold desserts and food that members of the Ward donated. A
cheesecake went for 120$ and a basket of home made Cambodian Egg Rolls
went for 150$!! Bishop got the egg rolls. He had a few and then let
his wife pass the rest out to everyone who was still there. SUPER
GOOD. They were the ones I had at Christmas.
Dad reminded me that I never mentioned anything about A's lesson
on Eternal Marriage. It was...good. We basically read D&C 131...or
132? And talked about what we read as we went along. It was really
good, but some of it was a little deep for a new investigator to get.
Luckily we only read the first 20 verses or so. It got
even...deeper...later in the chapter.
Saturday we pretty much did service all day. Not the best cause it's
prime pross all day...but they needed to be done. As usual we helped
pass out bread in the morning. Got to know one of the volunteers. A 20
year old kid on parole already. He was giving out hot dog buns like
crazy. After that we had coordination meeting with the Elders and
Brother Brown.
Sunday was great! Brother Brown seems to have taken over teaching the
Gospel Principles class. He's really good! But I'm sad about Brother
Luckey. We would have to teach the class a lot of times because he
seems to be in the Hospital every other weekend. This past week, he
and two other members of our Ward had heart attacks! All this fatty
southern cooking. But Brother Brown does a good job. Last week he
compared the two priesthoods to the different ranking system in the
military. Differences of Aaronic and Melchezidec priesthood offices
and advances to enlisted and officer rankings. He's in the Navy and
h's in the officer rankings. Everybody but the missionaries seemed to
know what he was talking about. It's usually the opposite in that
Sunday night we had a movie night! Watched 17 Miracles. There was
surprisingly a really good turn out (we hardly did any publicity). A
lady we've been working with in coming back named K brought her
soon to be sister in law and her boyfriend. They loved the movie! We
have an appointment with them later today. I won't be there because in
about an hour, we'll be starting trade offs.
Anyway. We need to eat and get ready. I'm all sweaty from the nature walk.
The centipedes are still going strong. We don't know if I told you
that we moved our beds to the middle of the room.
Love ya!!!
~Sister Carlson

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Memoir from Marci

What did I learn....

I'm glad I did the Master Cleanse even though I didn't like feeling weak the first four days. Today is day nine and I'm still feeling really good and having no sugar cravings! The book encourages the cleanser to be careful for a few days before eating regular food. Yesterday I had orange juice in the morning and a fruit salad for lunch. I went ahead and had a Cafe Rio salad with out the tortilla for dinner. I was supposed to wait one more day for the salad's and just have orange juice all day, but my stomach was fine. It's funny I was craving avocado so I cut up an avocado from home and added to it to my salad at the restaurant. Boy was it ever good!!!!!

I don't know how much I weigh because the main reason I did the fast was to help my addiction with carbs and sugar. I will continue to avoid these foods until hopefully my cholesterol is down and my clothes feel much more comfortable. In fact, the goal is to always avoid foods that will cause harm to my body. If I could just learn to eat really yummy foods in moderation. So for right now my yummy foods will be raw veggies, fruits, starchy potatoes, brown rice, and protein's. I'm glad I went on a new adventure last week and learned something new about myself. I hope I never have to do it again!!

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to me and all the mom's around the world!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 7

Still felt pretty good today.  A miracle happened while I was at work today. It's kind of personal but I thought I would mention it any way.  Put honey in my drink instead of B maple syrup just to give me variety. Continue to sleep well but have to have at least three or four Ritz crackers before I got too bed since day three.
Knees were a little tight on both legs today but over all I'm still alive! I'm off to Julz dance rehearsal so I'm keeping busy which really helps.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I've have two books on the Master Cleanse and this article I got from the internet.

The enduring popularity of the cleanse may have as much to do with its instant results as with the drink’s relatively inoffensive taste (think lemon Gatorade with a spicy kick) and simple recipe: 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 tablespoons Grade-B maple syrup, 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper and 8 ounces of spring or purified water.
According to “The Master Cleanser,” Burroughs’s book, the lemon acts as a purifier and provides potassium, the cayenne pepper adds B and C vitamins and aids in circulation, and maple syrup, a sugar, provides energy and minerals. Burroughs suggested that fasters drink anywhere from 6 to 12 glasses of the stuff a day as well as a mixture of water and sea salt in the morning and an herbal laxative tea in the evening, to help aid in waste removal.

Samuel Klein, the director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the medical school of Washington University in St. Louis, is leery of master-cleanse-like regimens because there is no data that prove they provide any medical benefit and no evidence that fasting helps rid the body of toxins, which happens naturally, he said.
While fasting for a few days is not dangerous, Dr. Klein said, “Fasting for too long can deplete muscle tissue, including your heart muscle, and it can reduce the size and functioning of organs like the kidney and liver.”
He is just one of many nutritionists who caution that fasting can be counterproductive. Some say it can even slow down the metabolism, making it even more difficult to lose weight in the future.
Try telling that to the converts. Peter Glickman, the author of “Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days,” is among them. Mr. Glickman, who at 6-2 once weighed more than 230 pounds, had already made over his lifestyle, going on a vegan diet and losing 42 pounds, when he came across the fast three years ago online. He lost 23 pounds in 20 days, he said. He sold his software company and went into the business of promoting the diet.
It has proved lucrative. On his Web site,, he sells Burroughs’s original book ($8.95), his updated version and an accompanying CD ($31.95), and a master cleanse kit ($49.95; just add lemons). He wouldn’t give specifics, but said his book is in its fourth printing. “I just put in an order for 10,000 more the other day,” he said.

Day 6

One more day and I will get to eat again!  I say one day because when you end the fast you have to take it easy getting back to real food for a few days.  So the eighth day I can only drink fresh squeezed orange juice. Bummer, I really, really miss  food tonight.  The lemon drink is getting very old and if I didn't want to change my health so much I would probably stop right now. I think I'll stop Friday morning.  I don't ever want to go on the Master Cleanse again. The book recommends you go for ten days, but a man wrote the thing so I've had enough!

Today I've still felt pretty good I'm just tired of drinking liquids.  My thirty minute walk this morning was nice but I had to take it slower since my body is not the same. I love walking right after a spring rain and the birds were chirping every where. It's like my body has been lifted out of a fog. My senses feel much more intense and I seem to be more aware of things, it's really weird.

I did have some muscle stiffness again this afternoon.  Probably because I went walking earlier. My muscle's must be lacking in some vitamin category but they don't hurt, so I will manage. My 8oz salt drink this morning had sea salt instead of table salt. Jake must have taken my sea salt to his apartment because I had to go buy more.  I'm not drinking a whole entire liter of salt water like the book states.  Just can't go there.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 5

It's true, once day three and four are over you wake up feeling pretty good . That is so strange since I haven't had solid foods since Thursday. In fact I felt good all day which really surprised me. I didn't have the familiar weak feelings or hunger cravings. I think I'll wake up tomorrow and go for a walk.

I must remember to wear my glasses in the morning when I'm making the lemon drink for work. I used too much cayenne pepper and I didn't have time to fix it so I had a very hot drink today.

Broke down and had one small chicken enchilada with a few bites of veggies. I guess that will be my one cheat. Stomach felt a little uneasy and uncomfortable.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 4

I think I know why I only go three days on a cleanse. Last night I couldn't get to sleep.  I kept moving around feeling restless.  I finally got up around midnight and ate three Ritz crackers. I felt a little better and had thoughts of eating the entire package. My mind was playing tricks on me. Small fears were starting to creep up about if I was doing harmful things to my body.

This morning I still felt pretty weak and didn't really want to drink any more lemon water. Instead I tried the salt flush which was also terrible. I'm actually missing food and yesterday I missed sitting down and eating a dinner with my family. I did have my drinking bottle but it just wasn't the same. GW has been very supportive so that has helped me get through the tough times.

One good thing is that I did weigh myself and discovered I had lost five pounds. Most of it's probably water loss but that was a bonus.  That takes care of my winter gain. Now it would be nice to take off fifty more pounds that I've accumulated over the years. Hopefully this cleanse will take away my strong cravings and get me back into more raw foods. Clothes are already feeling loose so I don't have to go buy new ones. Going to work today helped me keep my mind on other things and I took a water bottle out to lunch recess. Now I'm home tired but I've got to go teach RS at the Beehive Home for the elderly.  I always look forward to Monday's because I love visiting the sister's who always cheer me up.

Evening update:
My lesson went very well and part of it's due to my fasting I think. My body feels much more in tuned with whats around me and how I perceive things. Very interesting. Afterwards I went and visited some of the women who can't come out of their rooms due to old age.  One of the rooms was so hot I started feeling sick. I chose to stay in the room because I've become a good friend to this particular sister.  When I got home I opened up a fruit juice packet and the sugar made me feel much better.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 3

Woke up and had a large glass of water with 1 large spoonful of Bragg's Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. I know it's Fast Sunday today but since I've had no solids since Thursday my body felt like I better have something before going to church.
Right after choir practice the muscle to my left knee started acting up.  In fact my friend Pam even noticed my funny walk.  I'm sure it has something to do with the cleanse but I'm trying to record everything I'm experiencing during these seven days.

Last night I had to take some Advil because I came home from the Provo High Ballroom Dance Concert with a headache.  The costumes and dancing were beautiful but at these particular concerts the dance teacher encourages the audience to yell and shout at the dancers. Somebody behind me had very loud vocal chords and the concert lasted for two and half hours! It's kind of hard to get up and move to a different seat when most of the audience is yelling. I still enjoyed the concert, it was awesome!

I really don't feel like drinking lemon water yet but I know I need to keep hydrated and this particular combination of water, lemon's, maple syrup B and Cayenne pepper help keep my energy level up.

Feeling a little sleepy so it's nap time for me.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 2

Today has gone very well considering I'm still feeling weak. Had a great sleep last night! I haven't felt hungry yet, probably because I'm drinking enough of the lemon drink. The weather is so nice outside that I've been able to get all my errands done. All I have left is laundry, clean kitchen and prepare dinner for tomorrow.
I continue to feel peace and a lot of gratitude for my life, family and friends!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Memoir from Me "Warmer Weather"

Day 1
The warm weather is coming and I'm trying to get prepared. To start off with I'm doing the "Master Lemon Cleanse". Hopefully I can do the recommended ten days but I'll probably only do seven.  Not necessarily to lose weight but to help me feel better about myself. Most of my clothes are feeling snug and I can't afford to buy new ones. I really like comfort food when the weather is cold, but when it starts to get warm I dislike feeling uncomfortable.  So I do a cleanse to get rid of my cravings for chocolate, yummy carbs and ice cream. I always seem to put on five pounds every winter and then when spring comes I want to bounce back into a healthier life style.

Today I started the cleanse and I haven't even made a lemon drink yet. It's already 3:09 pm.  I guess my body is just tired of eating and needs to fast. I have been drinking lots of water and I took an herbal laxative this morning. I skipped the required salt water flush with sea salt because I just didn't feel up to it. But one thing I am feeling already is some peace of mind and a little relaxation.  Whats with that, usually I only like fasting once a month on Fast Sundays but today I just need a break from thinking about what to cook for dinner. I get so tired of the same routine day after day and when I do a cleanse I feel like I'm on a new adventure. Life seems exciting again and I haven't even gone any where physically.

So let the games begin!  In the past I've only done three day cleanses, but this time I'm going longer. Apparently the book says after three days my energy will be at a higher level. I'll have to wait and see about that.