Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sister San Diego

The work!
We added two investigators this last week! There name's are S
and M S. They've come to church consistently for the past 3
weeks! When we met with them, ah! It was like a picture perfect
missionary lesson. They've both had hard pasts but they both accepted
the invitation to be baptized on July 16th!

Sister Davis from New York City ;)
Born and raised in the church! She's spunky and enjoys writing! She
wants to either be a journalist someday or a comedian news reporter!
What? Yes it's great :D

I know that we will continue to see so many miracles with this new
sister as we continue to be obedient and have fun! I hope that one day
she feels the same way I do about my mission.
Zone Meeting was fantastic! All about the Book of Mormon!
Here are some of my thoughts!
Faith to reap
"It's not about you sister Carlson. Your really can't do it. You
can't. But the lord can. Have faith"
Hope. How can ye have faith if you don't hope?
Hope comes first. What is it ye shall hope for? The atonement.
But if you don't have faith in the atonement, ye have no hope.
They come together. You can't have one without the other.
You have to accept not only his will but his timing.
Thank God for unanswered prayers.
some bad things happen even when we pray that they won't.
We cannot expect the lord to guide our footsteps if we won't get up
and move our feet.
You don't need to be perfect. Just persistent.
Love you!
Go be persistent :)
-Sister Carlson

Sister San Diego

Straight to story time. Because my life is one big story.. Ha!
Once upon a time Sister Essymba and I were shopping last Tuesday at a
Von's. We walked down this one Isle only to find an African family! I
smiled and waved but as we passed them by, Sister Essymba leaned over
to me and said "They were speaking French..."
We crossed paths with them again at the end of our shopping trip and
Sister Essymba hit it off terrifically! They all talked for a good
while then exchanged information! They were interested in what we had
to share! Never have I met such a happy, respectful family so willing
to listen to what we had to say :)
The next day, the Mother of the family called! In what sounded like
frantic tears, this mom explained to Sister Essymba in French that
they had just arrived to America a few days prior to us meeting them
at the store. They had made an arrangement with someone to live in a
complex for a week or so until they could find something more stable
to settle in. Once settled, the father of the family was going to
leave them and head back to Africa for his work. They had come to
America having won some kind of "name drawing" system for those
countries effected by war and other calamities. This Mom continued to
explain that whoever they had made this temporary living arrangement
had decided to change his mind and they kicked out of the complex.
THEY HAD SLEPT OUTSIDE! Not knowing anyone and having limited English
communication, they called us. She told Sister Essymba that she didn't
know what else to do but felt like she had met the both of us for a
Here's the kicker:
It's a family of 10!
We of course told her we would help in whatever ever capacity we
could. Unfortunately, a good chunk of our family Ward was off on a
Pioneer Treck.
The family ended up heading to Escindido where a friend from Africa
was staying. Now in the African culture, "good friend" means family.
This Sister of theirs did what she could but she really only had a one
studio apartment, so that didn't last. We called up our Sister
Training Leaders and asked for their assistance! (Due to this families
new location being right next to their area)
AH! Sister Whitcomb and Sister Kratzer...
to set up an appointment for the mom of the family to meet with their
"transient bishop" after sacrament meeting on Sunday. The mom went and
LOVED CHURCH! Obviously this all took a couple of days of us racking
our brains trying to think of how we could help this family, but
everything is rolling out wonderfully. Ah. I love this church. We know
not whether they will be inside the San Diego Mission boundaries at
the end of the day. But we do know this family we put into our path
for a reason. The Mom has called us daily for the past week and we
have had the privilege of both providing peace and also more
information about the church. She thanks us every opportunity she gets
and I'm just so glad everything is working out.
Also... Potentially 9 baptisms heh! ;)
We've been seeing so many other miracles!

Sister San Diego

Now my "almost" doom:
After this jam packed spirit filled day (and we had lessons like that
ALLLLL DAAAAY) I pull up and parked at the very tail end of this long
line of cars. Because of being the in the very last parking spot, the
only thing behind us? An intersection. Again, last person of the
night... We double check addresses, pray, I look in my drivers side
door mirror, nothing's there, swing open the door, HESITATE because I
was going to tell Sister 'E something, BAM.
My door is gone.
An old Vietnamese woman came around the far corner not having seen my
door and smashed it. It stayed connected to the car. Barley.

The rest of the evening? I was up in the clouds. Sister 'Eukaliti did
a lot better job at getting things done (having been a former cop ha)
than I did. One of the AP's came and helped as well. No one was hurt
besides the cars. I still have permission to drive since it wasn't my
fault ;)

All is well.
I'm ok. Angles are real. I don't remember what I was about to tell
Sister E. It all happened so fast. As She was re-telling the story to
someone (don't remember who... Still in the clouds at that time) she
kind of had a panic attack herself as she realized what might have
happened if I would have stepped out of the car. The rest of the night
she didn't leave my side.
Ah sister 'Eukaliti who is now in Tonga.
I miss her.
She's going to kill it as a missionary in Tonga for the next 4 days.
Her mom who had cancer before her mission has no trace of anything
cancerous and her Dad who left when she was age 9 has returned and
become temple worthy.
This church is true my friends. It really is.
I love my mission. A little too much at times ;)
Love it to DEATH
juuust kidding HAHAHA!
Go find the one! Bring them home.
-Sister Carlson
P.S. Elder Dube's visit was incredible!
"NEVER share a closed Book of Mormon!"
Share with your friends the things you love in the Book of Mormon. He
promised us that if we do, they will feel the same way we do about the
scriptures. Again, they are there to make us happy.

Sister San Diego

We were having a service project that morning at one of our
investigators homes: L L. Now. Sister Wilson. Sister
Passé-Carlus. I can hear the sound of you judging. Judge not! She has
been reading the Book of Mormon and has come to church ;) if this cute
old woman does in fact just string us along.. I'll let you know.
At a previous lesson, we taught Lillian the Plan of Salvation. Now
from her teaching record, we could see that she has been taught this
before, but as we taught her with one of our members, she cried
telling us the story of one of her grandson's passing away and what
the Plan meant to her. Yesterday morning, I had each of the Elders go
around and bear their testimonies of the Book of Mormon to her. I sat
there BAWLING, as each one of these young men with much power and
authority, poured out their souls to this 92 year old woman. She
herself kept a straight face, that was until it was Elder Cross' turn.
As this 25 year old Deaf Elder stood and signed his testimony of the
Book of Mormon, I could see L's heart soften and as the elders
went back to work, she expressed much fondness and compassion TO THE
POINT OF TEARS for them and that Book she had in her lap. The Book of
Mormon is true. It can make you happier. Read it and weep.
I just realized something. I don't think I've ever cried as much as I
have in my entire life than this past week. Ha. My heart must be too
full of emotions or something...
-Sister Stew
Ya. Lexi is gone too. I think I might be having people withdrawals. Is
that a thing? Should be. Wilson, Pilkington, Stakkeland, Seo,
Weidmann, Clark, Kaiser etc etc etc. all gone. If sister Whitcomb
hadn't become my Sister Training Leader, I might have actually gone
All is well ;) part of mission life! Giving away your heart. To a
BUNCH of different people. Can be a heavy burden. Worth it!
For example:
Once upon a time I was on an exchange with Sister 'Eukaliti here in La
Jolla. (Sound familiar? And Yes. I do realize I haven't told you about
my car crash yet. Hooloohoooo!)
As we walked around Pacific Beach, I had this idea to walk to one of
our potential's houses! Now... What I didn't realize was.. It was far
away. Ha! We quickened our pace as we didn't want to have walked so
far for nothing... As we walked, a woman in her car pulled up to us
and started with:
"Sisters!" -She looked at my name tag- "Sister Carlson, I was at
church on Sunday when you bore your testimony! I want the two of you
to come to my home!"
She gave us her address then pulled away. I leaned over to Sister 'E
"... This address.. That's where we were headed!"
After another minute or two of walking, the same woman pulled up again!
"I realized I probably could have just given you a ride! Hope in! My
name is April!"
We got into her car and she thanked me for what I shared on fast
Sunday (what it was.. I don't remember... Spirit)
As we walked into her home, she briefly introduced us to her daughter
and said daughter's friends (one of them being the Bishop's son heh)
then she sat us down her her beautiful living room and stated:
"Now, I'm not a member, and neither is the rest of my family. But!
I've been coming to church and after hearing your testimony, I want to
learn more. I can see my entire family joining this church one day."
What commenced was probably the sweetest Restoration Lesson of my
entire mission with one of my dearest friends and companions, Sister
'Eukaliti. Tears were shed, testimonies were shared (and not just
ours, April testified about the divinity of being a mother) and it was
as if heaven were there in the room with us. Again with the crying...
I know. I just could hold back as I watched this all happen.
Well the church is true.

Sister San Diego

Tear for the fallen. Sister 'Eukaliti left me this week as did Elder
Funckes. What am I to do.. I don't know why it was so easy to leave my
dear family on the curb at the MTC, but each time another one of my
companions die.. It's like a part of my soul has left. Whoosh. Gone.
And by "die" I mean leave the mission mother ;)
It's just that much harder that they all live so far away... Sigh.
President. What are you trying to do?
Sister Essymba and I received a phone call from that very man,
President Schmitt, yesterday morning. He informed us we will be
training a new missionary this transfer! Who she is? We know not!
Normally, we'd be picking her up tonight but it turns out there's a
group of missionaries at the MTC that were hit with something...
Health wise? They won't make it out here to San Diego for another 2
weeks. Ha!
One in, one out. Mission life!
Car Crash:
Once upon a time...
I was on an exchange with Sister 'Eukaliti here in La Jolla. We had
this day stuffed with miracles, then when it came to checking the VERY
LAST person of the night, I almost died heh...
Calm down. Deep breathes. I'm obviously alive.
Story time:
Ah. Man. I am so excited there aren't even words. No one in my zone
really knew what transfers had in store (literally 2 elders forgot
transfers were happening transfer morning... Cough) but then Elder
Funckes came along with his iPad AND I SAW SISTER WHITCOMB'S NAME
cause.. I haven't told you about me almost dying yet Ha!)
I'm so happy she get's to experience the best Ward on earth. MY HEART!
Mount Woodson! She get's to meet Westin! Greg! Aaaaah so many people
whom I love and adore :)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Memoir from Mar C

Today I got to take Pam Schow over to the car garage to get her vehicle inspected so we can drive to Duchesne, Utah next week. While it was in the garage I walked over with her to the dollar movie and we watched a tear jerker movie called, "Miracles from Heaven". We both got a good cry out of it and we really liked Jennifer Garner as the mom. She played a mom who had a very sick daughter and tried everything to help her daughter find good care. Then one day the daughter fell on her head thirty feet from an old dead tree. Some how the daughter was healed from that accident and to this day is still doing really well. It was a great movie.

Afterwards I walked over with Pam to Cafe Rio and we had a yummy lunch. I sure love my friend Pam. She is a lot of fun to be with. Every summer we find fun things to do and I always look forward to spending time with her. We have some real good laughs and I think that's why we have so much fun together. In the past I usually take Julz with us but she started teaching piano lessons this summer so I left her home.

I heard on the radio this morning that Southern California had a 5.2 earthquake during the middle of the night. My friend Pam told me her sister lives just outside of San Diego and it woke her right up. I hope it didn't scare Jess too much, or maybe she just slept right through it. I guess I'll find out next Tuesday. 😊

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sister San Diego

This week.. I'll actually tell you about my life. HA!
What an outpouring of blessings have we received here in The Great California San Diego Mission! First President Nelson, Jeffery R. Holland, James J Hamula (whaaaat? It's not stopping. NO!) and now this week, President Schmitt invited Sister Essymba and I to join him in the East Stake's Conference with special visitor: Elder Edward Dube from Zimbabwe! Toooo much. I can hardly keep up. I might just cry. Oh wait, I already have Heh :P
C WAS BAPTIZED! And how sweet experience it was :)
Elder Vickers from the Mormon Battalion was able to baptize and confirm C a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Both Elder and Sister Vickers met C a few months ago as he wandered onto to San Diego Temple grounds. They committed him to learn more, and look! He is now a priesthood holder in the La Jolla YSA ward! After his Baptism, the Vickers took us all out to eat, and just to make it that much more lasting, we all went to the Mormon Battalion after his confirmation Sunday. How sweet the gospel is. C is a real trooper with a lot of faith. I'm so thankful for these last few weeks I've been able to learn and grow because of the man. He'll never know how much he affected me #MissionLife
HA! Satan was really trying not to let this service happen. I could write you all a list... But ALL IS WELL! Press forward. This IS the most important work in the entire universe. We are at war. In this case? God won. 
Remember the worth of one soul :)
A lot of our YSAs have been bringing their friends to FHE and institute! Ah... YSA :)
Family ward has really been picking up as well! Part member families for the win! 
Sunday, we had a recent convert with us after church so we thought we mine as well take her with us to go contact some potentials. We met a less active man's wife (G W for those who know the area heh) Tawn! She LOVES missionaries and wants us to come back and teach her! Turns out there are a billion (not even kidding) part member families in the San Diego 7th ward.. I know that if anything is going to happen in this area, we're going to have to "Dig deeper, and pray harder. There are people to find in each and every area of this mission" -Hamula
Zone meeting was one for the books. Elder Funckes bore a sweet "departing" testimony. I can never keep a dry eye when that man testifies. I don't know if it's just because he's a convert or if it's just a gift he has. ALL OF THE ABOVE. Tear for the fallen. Sister 'Eukaliti from Tonga is leaving me soon as well..What on earth? When did I become so old on the mission. 
SUNDAY! 7 hours of church has never looked so good on a person. I feel for those who have ever had to triple cover. You hear me Sister Cortello? I respect you. 
YOUTH CONFERENCE! That's correct. Sister Essymba and I were asked to speak at a youth conference out on Fiesta Island. It was sweet and powerful. Never before have I felt like such a loved person. They came running up to us after for pictures and scriptures we referenced. They all want me to be their Chorus teacher in Emery Utah. HA! Youth. They made me so uncomfortable. Maybe I'm just out of touch..  with my... youthfulness.. Little did they know. HA!
Well. The time is far spent. 
Now is the time to go and and to DO! It's not about who is right but what is right. Go out and do my friends. the lord is by your side. I was very aware of that this last week.
It may have been one of the hardest of my mission but VERY well worth it. There are angles round about you to bare you up. Nothing in this world is more important than love. Love those around you. Love the Lord enough to keep his commandments with exactness. Don't be casual about the gospel."Casualness is the gateway to disobedience" -President Schmitt. 
Know that I love, trust, and respect you all. Please continue to pray for missionary opportunities and mean it. Let this Gospel change you. This church is a place for eternal progression. Never become comfortable with where you're at.
Keep on Keepin' on  -Sister Carlson

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Memoir from Marci

Had the best work out at the gym today! I took it much slower on the treadmill and was able to slowly jog for around 23 minutes!! First time in a looooong time. My knees felt fine. I did take three slower speed segments and just walked fast but I felt good enough to get my heart rate up which is the only thing I need to get the weight off and get my cholesterol down. I don't know why I like the treadmill so much, watching the news with my earphones helps the time pass away I guess. I just know I felt really good which is a good sign for me.
 Krissy helped me on the lower body and leg weight machines. Now I think I'll just be accountable to her once a week with an update on my progress and I'm good to go. I found out also it doesn't cost to have a trainer help me on the weight machines since I have a gym membership pass. Thanks GW.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Memoir from Marci

Highlights from last week:

Driving Pam Schow to Vivian Park! Very green, cool, and beautiful.
 Me reading a book and sleeping while Pam roamed around the park.

Got lots of projects done around the house!
Tried to jog on the treadmill at the gym. Felt great but my knee paid for it the next day.
Stayed on task with the weight machines. My right shoulder felt just a little sore Friday.
Keeping food journal on my Ipad notes. Had a yummy donut on National Donut Day.

Email to Sister C.
Dear Jess,

Stake conference was wonderful and I can't believe the weekend is almost over.

Jenny is getting ready to go to the Provo High Seminary graduation over at the stake center. She has been asked to take a few minutes to talk about and promote the singles ward. She looks so cute in her new dress.

Tonight I went on line and reviewed all the ingredients for Cafe Rio salad. (I had bought everything Saturday) Anyway, I made the yummy Tomatillo
Ranch dressing, Pico, Lime Rice, Guacamole with a little pico mixed in and of course the yummy Sweet Pork. Opened a can of black beans and mild sauce, can't forget the lettuce and BAM was it ever good!😄 We have enough left over for tomorrow, yay!

Back to Stake Conference. We had a General Authority from Price Utah speak. He joined the church when he was fifteen with his parents. They were country club golf players. Some LDS families from Price loved his family into the gospel by including them in activities and home dinners.  He of course encouraged all of us to friendship our neighbors including the Provo Utah Mission President who just had surgery on his neck three days ago. I can't believe he still came to church. My favorite talk was the Mission President's wife's talk. She said she grew up in Southern California and when she was a girl a Mormon family moved into their neighborhood. She had never heard of Mormons and the new girl started to invite her to primary activities. They became best friends and she went to several church activities. When she was eighteen she received the missionary discussion but for some reason it didn't click for her. When she found out her friend was going to Dixie Jr. College in St. George she decided to follow. She didn't realize it was 97% Mormon students and that's where she gained a strong testimony. She called her parents at the end of her freshman year and told them she was going to get baptized. They talked her into moving back home for the summer to investigate other religions first and then they would give her their blessing. Her parents ended up finding anti Mormon literature and moved to Midland Texas where they enrolled her in a Jr. College near their new home. The Mission President's wife said she was very unhappy and her parents let her move back to Dixie College where she finally got baptized. It was a great talk.

Julz and I sitting in the choir seats at stake conference.
She looks about twelve in this photo that Jen took with her cell phone.
The meeting is filmed so the other stake members can watch in the Marrott Meadows building.
If I had known that we were in the camera the entire meeting I would have sat some where else.

Love, mom

Sister San Diego

Well... Maybe I wont have time to talk about my life ha!

Just know that all is well. Sister Essymba and I have been learning so much. I LOVE HER!

We're having another member of the 70, Elder James J. Hamula come this week.

I hope you all know how much I love and trust you. Keep close to the one that matters :)

-Sister Carlson                                    
                                                                          Bird on shoulder.